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How many ways you can define the word "usefulness" ?

  1. Roselyn Knight profile image66
    Roselyn Knightposted 20 months ago

    How many ways you can define the word "usefulness" ?

    The word "usefulness" can not really stand on its own. When we use it, we always associate it with different objects, aspects, situations and more. I am interested to know if anyone can sum up the number of ways it can be used. The angles could be anything - funny, grave, satirical, innocent, regular etc.

  2. threekeys profile image81
    threekeysposted 20 months ago

    Hi Roselyn I have no idea if the way I respond to your question is relevant or not but here goes...

    1. Being useful means you can be in for the long haul and build up a legacy to leave behind.

    2. Being useful is like cement, your actions are tangible and reliable.

    3. Being useful is like bricks and mortar. It makes you a guaranteed entity which means you become bankable literally and metaphorically.

    4. Being useful can mean you become deadweight. Too known and too boring.

    5. Being useful is like becoming a Tower on high beam where others may want to emulate you to produce the same or similar results.

    1. Roselyn Knight profile image66
      Roselyn Knightposted 20 months agoin reply to this

      Yes that's what I was looking for.Brainstorming these ideas is fun.

  3. gmwilliams profile image86
    gmwilliamsposted 19 months ago


    (1) Being of service to others.  Helping & being there for others.  Giving support to others when needed. 
    (2) Being of intrinsic value.
    (3) Having a functional, practical, even utilitarian value.
    (4) Having a quality of being multifaceted.
    (5) Being sturdy.
    (6) Having a purpose.
    (7) Being an essential necessity.
    (8) Serving an essential purpose.
    (9) Being needed.
    (10) Being totally indispensable.
    (11) Being an asset.
    (12) Can always be relied, depended on.
    (13) Always being IN DEMAND.
    (14) Having a shelf life.
    (15) Can be easily applied to situation.
    (16) Can be transferred from the fantastical to the practical.
    (17) Having skills that can be transferred into various situations.
    (18) Jack of all trades.