Which is better a hardcopy material or a softcopy material?

  1. rosedanielle profile image76
    rosedanielleposted 13 months ago

    Which is better a hardcopy material or a softcopy material?

    Hardcopy materials are anything that you can physically touch, while softcopy materials are anythingt that are only available in gadgets. So which is better?


  2. Sparks66 profile image86
    Sparks66posted 13 months ago

    I personally like my real, tangible, actual books. However the ebooks do have their perks. For example, I work in daycare and when the kiddos are napping for on average 2 hours, that's alot of time to sit around and read. However cause the lights are off for obvious reasons, that makes it impossible.
    I am going to be investing some money in a ebook with a built in light for these times where having a light on just won't work. There are alot of situations like this I find myself in such as when my lovely boyfriend is trying to sleep and I just really have a hankering to read, camping trips where using your emergency flashlight to read might not be the best idea.
    I still love my real books, and have quite the collection. But ebooks are still pretty handy at times.