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How to motivate myself to write?

  1. writercorner profile image60
    writercornerposted 8 months ago

    How to motivate myself to write?

    Motivation; writing; journaling; getting published; avoiding procrastination; distractions; having fun;responsibility; reaching goals; satisfaction; editing; submitting; organization; commitment

  2. RachaelLefler profile image96
    RachaelLeflerposted 8 months ago

    What I usually do is:
    - Set your long-term goals for content creation. Make sure they're SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely. Example: I will write 3 new articles and revise 1 old article per week. I will produce a new article every Friday. Things like that.
    - Use a calendar, piece of paper, sticky note, index card, etc. to remind yourself of your goals throughout the week. I like to have something physical that I have to look at on my desk. A digital document doesn't have that power of reminding us by standing out visually. But, I also use Word documents to list what I'm planning to do with my blog and checking off what I'm doing.
    - Choose when to blog. Choose a time when you're free from distractions and capable of doing your best work. Make that time dedicated blogging time. Start with something easy, like setting aside 3 hours a week. Later, you can always increase the time you spend on it.
    - Read about the subject you're blogging about. The more you read and study about it, the more ideas you'll get and the more you'll be inspired to write about it. It's also important to keep up with news in the field you're writing about. If you lack ideas, you should look for a trending topic related to your area of specialty. For example, someone who wants to write about school psychology could talk about fidget spinners.
    - As for avoiding distractions, you can actually find programs that will block websites for you during certain hours on certain days. I use a Mozilla Firefox add-on called LeechBlock to block Facebook and YouTube between 9 and 5 on weekdays. http://www.proginosko.com/leechblock/
    So basically, plan according to goals, use physical reminders, set aside specific time blocks each week, and block websites that tend to distract you the most.

  3. Terrielynn1 profile image93
    Terrielynn1posted 8 months ago

    Think about what you love. what topics mean the most to you. It can be something that tuoches heart or effects your life. I find my passions are my biggest motivators for what I write about. It looks like you already know all the basics the rest comes from you.

  4. nochance profile image92
    nochanceposted 8 months ago

    Just start writing. Set a timer for 15 minutes. You don't necessarily have to write but you can't do anything else, not even doodle in the margins.

    I've have written a hub on this topic that I think will help.

    https://letterpile.com/writing/How-to-G … Single-Day