Dancing with is

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    gothkittyposted 7 years ago

    This is about a girl she�s sixteen years old. goes to a

    high school she doesn�t think its cool though her name is

    timureala. don�t have many friends, but keeps them close to


        For her that means, permanent art without temporary

    work erase of start. the nights is coming up timureala plans to

    sit around the house eat, sleep, and get drunk. midnight

    saturday is here that is where, the midnight time sleepers come


        To do what day time writers wonâ��t do, and that is speak

    with words through words. Before picking up the broken glass

    pieces from her open chest, like a game of chest. pick one

    piece up, drop another besides you to remind you.

         That piece is bond to fall like, all the rest of them. so

    she sits on her bed, with the pick up pieces form them into a

    mug in it is black out gin,�. she dazes off.

    Block out world of lights, colors, and surger coated actions,

    suger coated actions is world fiction of classics.

        Timureala with her mug in one rotting hand, head tilted

    back on the head board of the bed, took a couple of sips close

    her eyes. and sees the future dance, without a full glance.

    take another sip see all the plastic blind folded people, sees

    them as followers.

        Three more sips the mug slowly make its way down, have

    flashes of :

    1. slutty cheerleaders, who are not leaders they just,


    2. how majority won�t and don�t listen to dead ones who are,

    silent arts.

    3. art is your underwear, so wear it, clothes is life so try to

    re dress it, wear your own not anybody elses. but majority

    don�t go by that they go by, war is life, give art a bad name,

    by making money off of worth looking at words

    4. be cruel to animals, and not care

    5. how most or majority of africans americans think they can

    speak racist about and to other races, and thinks is ok for

    their own race to get mad if others get races back.

    6. how most take advantage of your real personality, by

    analyzing you for a while then paralyzing your heart with

    careless faction actions

    7. disable people get made from of, cause they are

    different�..from the rest

    8. most would rather use violates than poetry,

    9. When majority get away with rapes

    10. When movies or tv a show, shows someone being a victim of

        That timureala still holding her mug takes a big sip, its

    almost gone away just like life that fades to its darkest day.

    gets up go in her closet to hide from the light outside, cause

    the light is not what is inside but one thing, and that�s

    reminded thoughts of something never been taught.

        Last few sips who want to take them to see the rest is not

    the best, majority who are like this only drinks nothing less

    sins being different will be the next game of chest. blind

    folded ones are to slow to race cause they can�t face the

    factions, of their actions.