How to unlove when you're such a fool?

  1. Paul Aspera profile image62
    Paul Asperaposted 8 months ago

    How to unlove when you're such a fool?

    Can a teenage boy be really desperate?

  2. Luke Holm profile image96
    Luke Holmposted 8 months ago

    Paul, are you asking how to fall out of love, and then suggesting that you feel like a fool for falling in love?  If so, don't feel like a fool.  None of us can control who we like/love.  Love is a mystery, and that's part of the experience.  While love can be amazing, it can also be devastating.  A lot of times the person doesn't like/love us back and we just want to hide away, and stop loving them.  In my experience, I've never been able to force myself not to love someone.  However, there are things you can do to avoid thinking about him/her:

    1. Stay away from them.
    2. Find another person you are attracted to.
    3. Write down the things you don't like about them.
    4. Distract yourself with family/friends/work/etc.
    5. Pick up a hobby.

    However, I don't think any of these things are healthy.  You shouldn't be trying to force yourself to do anything.  Instead, maybe you are approaching the relationship all wrong.  Maybe in stead of creating a romantic relationship, you should first establish a friendship.  If you truly do love the person, then romance shouldn't be the aim of your intent and relationship. 

    If they don't want to be friends, then you just have to accept that and be respectful.  If he/she is the right person for you, then the universe will make it happen.  Otherwise, the person is not right for you and you just need to remain open to all other experiences and potentialities for future relationships. 

    Good luck. I know love is difficult.  Above all, make sure you love yourself.  That's an important prerequisite to have before you can fully love another being.