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    keizposted 8 years ago

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    I Walk the Path of a Poet50
    By keiz

    I walk the path of a poet
    Tremblings hands perk up like cold nipples
    Legs falter like a sinless child's first steps
    I dream with the imagination of a preschooler
    Sucked in the world of coloring outside the lines
    And tensing with the excitement of playing with mud
    I walk the path of a poet
    So many words fester like puss from a burn in my head
    I juggle with stuff that only two hands can carry
    Holding trials with one hand and tribulations with the other
    Panting from the constant back ache but thinking
    Rhyming and picturing a white man praising a slave
    It gets the best of me
    I walk the path of a poet
    The clouds lay above and constantly change shape
    The wind blows while the trees reveal all of its secrets
    Who listens to all this but I
    A poet with an imagination of a preschooler
    Perceptions of an adult
    Eyes that only see what the blind can only show me
    Hearing only what the deaf will allow me
    I sit on a cloud with nature around me and the sun as my friend
    I walk the path of a poet.

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    zampanoposted 8 years ago

    Man is a strange animal...
    How suffering can generate thoughts, words expressing emotions.
    Sometimes in its best form.
    As if we needed it to exists.
    And we all find in the poet's writings, the painter's brush something of oneself.