The Answer

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    SARAHQUILL78posted 7 years ago

    Over the years I've shed too many tears to keep track of... so how could the answer be love? But that's what you told me and it had to be because they say love is blind and I never could see... any fault in you...but instead when you lied, i believed you,did what i thought a good girl ought to thinkin it was the way to love you pickin up the pieces and rightin your every wrong never knowing i was hurting us all along by always being the one to catch your fall always the one accepting the collect call the one waiting for you at the end of every long haul when the world turned its back on us without a car and on the bus getting caught in the rain without a dollar to our name scraping together our last cents too young to be parents and understand we were too young for the life still trying to maintain and be a husband and wife so naive in the thinkin all we needed was what we had in our hearts, all the while pushing baby and groceries down euclid home in shopping carts, and then we'd argue and fuss all we'd see was the nothing we had instead of the everything all inside of us, growing up together times were rough and life was tough realizing that maybe love wasn't enough when we're pawning whatever meager possessions to avoid repossessions, with 2 more babies in less than four years no one was drying our tears with eviction letters and no lights, less loving and more fights, and still there was more, coming home to past due notices on the door, so when you said you were leaving i couldn't care anymore ...yet till death do us part is what we said but we were apart and far from dead, bitter from the reality of what they all say that love wasn't enough for all the bills we had to pay, it sure wasn't enough for you to stay, but i loved you enough to let you walk away, all along pretendin to be okay finally letting you learn the hard way so you could be the man standing next to me today who sees that all the problems we had to juggle was so wed appreciate the end of the struggle and after all was said and done can look back with me on how far we've come to find that the answer is the one thing that makes you do what you never thought you'd do, its the same thing that makes you want to believe lies are true, the answer, after all of these years and too many tears to keep track of? Is love.

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      VanHidposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Impressive! I am rather awed by this work.

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    Gracie Sophiaposted 7 years ago

    This sounds like a real life. Very raw. Very emotional.