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    joshuachlimposted 7 years ago

    Walking out alone in the heavy autumn rain,
    letting my tears wash away my pain,
    my horrifying pain that I want it to go away.
    the rain n wind gets harder blowing me to the side
    knowing I am cracking and breaking inside.
    empty and alone, trying to hide.
    the rain is beating hard,
    as i feel the beat of my broken heart
    that is slowly falling apart.
    can i find solace in the rain
    taking away my pain.

    i see the reflection of me,
    in the broken pool of waters
    the tears i cry i can hardly see.
    my eyes are red,y hair blowing in the wind,
    the scars on my face, slowly are
    disappearing without a trace.

    walking around, there is nothing
    not even the smallest thing to make
    as I look down, staring at my feet.
    the feelings of self doubt,
    feelings of lost within a crowd.
    feeling empty and alone.
    trapped in this world.

    the wind blows through my hair,
    as the rain rushes down,
    making me feel free for a moment
    putting me at ease, at peace for now.

    as i start to breathe again....
    taken from "rain", "breathe" by Sarah

    What has the autumn done to us?
    That endless wind, that heavy rain...

    My eyes with tears and bitter pain.
    It's over now, the autumn's game
    though it hurts a lot
    We could be happy, but we're not
    Why is life so cruel and sad?
    It's stolen happiness we've had

    when heartache appears in our lives
    we are forced to face bittersweet truths
    we are reminded that within each challenge
    there is always a higher offering
    although hidden from our view
    we must raise our thinking, open our hearts
    and recognize that we are being called to a new stage in life,
    a higher calling, a new dimension in life
    unfamiliarity can be frightening
    and new paths look uncertain.
    but what is life, if not a journey into the wondrous unknown?
    look around...grace and beauty can still be found within pain.
    the only lock,keeping us trapped or blind or stuck is fear.
    the only cage is the condition of our minds.

    Can we change the past?
    No. It’s as hard as granite, as immovable as a mountain.

    Cold Mountain Movie says,
    “You can grieve endlessly for the loss of time and damage done.
    For many things that happened.
    You can grieve on and on.
    You can grieve your heart out,
    And in the end, you’re still where you are.”
    All your grief has not change a thing.
    What you have lost will not be returned to you.
    It will always be lost.
    You are left with only scars.
    All you can choose to do is go on or not.
    But if you go on, it’s knowing you carry your scars with you.”

    Grief and bitterness can only keep you a prisoner of the past.
    What’s done is done.
    Regret cannot change what has already happened.
    No matter how many times we say “if only.”
    No matter how bitterly we blame and accuse.
    bitterness can only ruin us.
    We will become prisoners in our own dark souls,
    Suffocated by our own brooding thoughts.
    You reap your own thoughts
    Yes, we must learn to move on,

    No matter the past.

    We cannot change what has happened.
    We do have one power…we can trust God to redeem the past.
    If we let Him.
    God can use the evil of what has happened
    And transforms it into something good.

    Do right and don’t go against your conscience.
    Sometimes you doubt yourself.
    Have peace in your heart; hold on to the things you believe in.
    Put your trust in God
    For He’ll never leave you.
    He’s ever faithful, the One who created you.
    Don’t let others pull you down.
    Don’t let others talk you out of things.

    People may not understand you, but God understands.
    If you believe, you can touch the supernatural.
    You can see miracles in your life.
    It’s not easy to put the past behind.
    But look what the future holds for you.
    With God’s help, you can almost do anything
    Including overcoming your fears and pain.

    Everybody deserves a second chance.
    Hatred in your heart'll only bring death.
    Be slow to anger and judgment,
    or judgment shall come upon you.

    Always care for one another.
    Love others as you would love yourselves.
    Have a caring and loving heart,
    just like Jesus and reach out to others.
    Be compassionate towards others.
    Don't judge a person by the looks.
    Go and preach the Gospel,
    and in wisdom,
    because you must be wise
    in everything you do.
    Be hot for Christ.

    Don't take things for granted;
    be united,
    and don't be easily offended,
    but always give and take with one another.
    And have love in your own family,
    and also in the church.

    In your hour of need,
    always run to the Lord for help;
    cry out to Him; have faith in Him.

    The Lord has given everyone a gift
    to hear His voice.
    He shall speak to you if you're willing to hear.
    God is always speaking.
    Hear the Lord's voice in your heart,
    and He shall guide you through it.
    Have faith and believe His words.
    Don't be proud and think
    that you're full of knowledge.

    Obey His words and commandments.
    Obey His commandment
    to keep the sabbath holy.
    Don't be just be a Sunday Christian,
    but take notice of people
    around you in your church,
    and in other nations.

    Many people are suffering.
    So count your blessings.
    The road to heaven is narrow;
    so you have to lean onto God.
    Allow the Holy Spirit to
    guide you in whatever you do.

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    alternate poetposted 7 years ago

    WOW - This is absolutely really really   -   long.