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    Misschposted 6 years ago

    Just going to flow for my mind and not worry to much about what to say or how to say it. There are so many times when I feel stuck. Hurting with no idea how to get out. No one to turn to. At times feelings say God seems distant and far away. Cry out for help and nothing happens. However Gods ways are so much higher than our mind can even comprehend. Circumstances can say that us followers of Jesus are nuts when the Situation you find yourself in is much bigger and lager than your own ability to get out of but they dont know our God then... The past year God had done a massive work in my life. He's transformed me inside and is still cleaning me up. It's been a process of extreme happiness, fufillment, fear, depression, confusion, belonging, excitement, peace, and loneliness. It's been extremely uncomfortable at times to sit still and allow God to reveal unpleasant dirt and grunge inside me that I stuffed deep down in the depths of storage in my soul. Have you ever thrown something in your closet or garage and then years later you go to clean that area and you find a bunch of junk and think wow I totally forgot I had this? Well same thing has been happening with me in the storage box of my soul. Emotions and experiences in my lifetime that I've stuffed in a box thinking I'm done with it I'm rid of it only to find it's just been deep in a pile of rubbish at the bottom of my soul collecting dust and causing allergic reactions I'm not even aware of. God the ultimate sifter, one by one grabs a piece of stuffed junk from my box and says "ok my love, let's deal with this" uncomfortable not fun painful at times but so healing and worth it. Most the time I want to run but God locks me in and says "daughter I know you don't like this but trust me I AM the only one who can fix this,hold on to me and let me sort through and heal you from this posionous rubbish and show you what freedom feels like." this process has brought me many tearful nights and thoughtful examinations. It is not easy but the end result far out weights the season sometime seeming never ending but never the less far worth it in the end.My hope Is that through out this blog I would be able to treat you like my open take a peek of what God is doing through me and my life and watch and see his glory unfold. If you have stumbled on this page by mistake. Consider this a divine appointment ! I have been praying for you reader, that God would divinely hand pick you out of many and show you his love for you through me. So know that this is not some random mistake but rather a situation of events that placed you at this page.
    I will be openly writing my life and experiences on this blog it's a nudging I have been feeling from the lord for sometime now. So consider yourself my family and know God loves you and he could be calling out to you don't ignore his love he is so Good so so amazing.
    We will chat soon

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    Shadesbreathposted 6 years ago

    You mention things like "this blog will" help examine your life etc. a few times, so I can't help but assume you meant to publish this as a hub article under your profile and not just as a forum post. A forum post (this) will just get burried and no one will see it. (It looks like you wrote this on your phone.)

    I suggest you copy your post here and paste it into a hub article. If you are not sure how to do that, you can click the HELP button up top. I wrote a beginners help hub also that has pretty step-by-step instructions, with screen shots, that might help if you want really, super basic instructions on how to get started. That is here: … the-Basics

    Good luck.

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      Sunnie Dayposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Wow! You are right God is so amazing! Did you know he is the refiner of Gold? You are his treasure, his gold! So what happens to Gold when it is to be refined? It goes through the fire....and then something beautiful happens!
      You are stronger and will shine brighter than ever before.
      God Bless You Missch,