Seeking assistance going viral

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    Chaotic Chicaposted 5 years ago

    Hey hubbers. First I want to appologize for my extended absense; after my cancer scare last summer I've been making an effort to really live more and haven't been spending as much time online.  Here specifically because I tend to get sucked in here for hours when I'm here! {what can I say, there are great people here!} 

    Here's the thing, I mentioned a while back that I finally published my story as a domestic violence survivor as an eBook via Amazon for the Kindle and other supported technologies. Right now I want to use the book to garnish funds to save the criminal domestic violence unit in Hampton County, South Carolina. Due to an alarming rise in cases the county was awarded a grant to create the special unit under the sheriff's department three years ago and that grant expires at the end of this month.  Apparently it is not up for renewal and if they cannot find funding elsewhere the program will be cut. I can walk around this community and point out which women are being abused and which men are abusers and there are just too many of both.

    For the remainder of the month I am pledging to donate no less then a full 50% of the sales of my book to the CDV unit to support it for as long as the proceeds last to give them more time to find a more suitable solution.  Please help me spread the word and raise the funds so that the women here won't have to be forced to live in a county that has no other form of support for dv victims. The nearest shelter is an hour and forty five minutes away and there is no crisis center or even a therapist that specializes in dv less then an hour away.  Please help me. I am one person doing what I can but I cannot do it alone. … B005RQC8YI