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5 Products That Will Improve Your Life

Updated on January 21, 2021
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Rebecca loves sharing what she knows about alternative medicine, health, frugal living, fun, animals, and how to live a better life!

5 Products That Will Improve Your Life

There are so few products these days that really help someone improve their lives. The ones I am going to mention will do just that. Honestly. They save time, they help you keep things organized, and they save money. Everything I am writing is based on personal experience, these are items I use in my home, I am not getting any royalties or kickbacks by sharing my opinion on these products. I want people to have as much time as possible enjoying life, not being bogged down by chores or time-consuming monotony. Having a busy family, stressful jobs, pets, aging parents, time is very valuable to me. If you're like most people you have these same issues.

These products work for me in huge ways, they simplify my life and free up my time. I want others to have the same! In my dream world, I'd be living off the grid and have a much less complicated life, but until that happens, these improve my life. And will hopefully improve yours also.

Alexa or Google Home

Alexa or Google Home is a must-have for busy homes. You will need wifi but most homes have that anyhow. Alexa is the personal assistant you've always dreamed of having. Use her to set reminders, tell you the weather, play music, trivia, help you with recipes, set timers, alarms, all by your voice. You can also rig her up to control lights and other wifi enabled devices for a "smart home". Google assistant works the same way but we currently have an Echo 2nd generation and a Dot. You really don't realize how often you'll use this until you have one. Sometimes she's funny. You can send the data to your phone if needed, and she may be useful in the event of a crime (let's hope that doesn't happen)! She even sings Happy Birthday. We've had very little issues with either device, and they only set you back about $40-$100, completely worth it!

An Electric Tea Kettle

An electric kettle is just one of those odd devices that is a small miracle. If you love tea then why you'd be needing one is pretty obvious. But there's a lot of other uses for these as well. First off, it takes about 3-4 minutes to boil 2 quarts of water. Boiling on the stovetop takes at least twice as long. Use your kettle for tea, hot cereal, soups, baby formula prep, sterilizing, or for speeding up boiling large pots of water in general. Anytime you need hot water fast, the kettle saves the day. If you want the perfect cup of coffee, get a french press and use your kettle to get that water scorching hot!

Our kettle lives on the counter, it's great for entertaining too! You can find them as cheap as $13-$50 plus. Worth every penny!

An Instant Pot or Pressure Cooker

There are Instant Pot communities all over the world wide web. These things are just crazy. I actually have two, a 6qt and a 3qt. Once you get past the fear of pressure cooking you will love having one or in my case two. Instant Pot is a brand, and those are the ones we use. They can pressure cook, slow cook, saute, steam, make rice, and even make yogurt. They maintain the integrity of the food and retain so much flavor. They reduce cook time by hours! Yes, you read that right, hours. The versatility and size make them great for dorms, campers, and tiny home living. They can create amazing meals that are healthy and fast for busy families. I really can't say enough good things about the Instant Pots. Check out and Facebook for growing communities dedicated to sharing recipes as well as their obsession with these amazing appliances. You can transform your eating habits with this machine, save tons of money and time in the kitchen. What could be better than that?

See some recipe suggestions at the bottom of this article for meal ideas.

An Air Fryer

Air Fryers are a little weird, I'll admit I felt this was a novelty item until I bought one. This is another appliance that never gets put away, we simply use it to often, and I've given a few as gifts. The food isn't actually "fried", it's air cooked, so the oil in the food you prepare is being used to create more of that "fried" taste without actually using more oil. So you can kinda get away with eating like $#@! without the guilt. It's not messy like a deep fryer, easy to clean, and doesn't seem to use much electricity. It also prepares food very quickly without heating your whole house as you would with an oven. This is a great appliance for kids to use too. Besides the obvious things you can make in it, like prepared snacks, you can also saute/fry vegetables. It cooks breakfast sausage quickly, hash browns, burritos, chicken, almost anything really. They come in various sizes so you're really only limited by what you can fit in it and what you want to try to air fry. It really makes cooking fast and tastes a lot better than a microwave. I am sure this appliance would be very helpful for anyone short on time, or anyone that has trouble cooking due to age or disabilities. You can find them just about anywhere for well under $100. Kids can use them safely too!

Making Your Own Laundry Soap

Laundry soap much like toilet paper and paper towels is a huge expense for most households, and we literally throw it away. How sad. If you make your own, your clothes will be just as fresh and clean and you'll save tons of money. You can also control more of what is going onto your skin and being processed by your liver. There are only a few ingredients you need and they are easy to locate at basic local chain stores. Don't be afraid to make it or use it. I've included my recipe in this article which can easily be customized by you. My recipe is also HE safe. It cost about $20-30 to make 15 gallons. 15 gallons!

Do You Own Any Of these Products?

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Why wait to improve your life?

I know this sounds somewhat like an advertisement, but why wait to improve your life? Why cook for hours and hours if you don't want to or don't enjoy it? Why eat badly because your life is hectic and busy when you don't have to? Why not have a personal assistant to manage appointments and be entertaining? Why not save money on products you need to use but just throw away? You deserve to free up your time and wallet for things you actually enjoy doing. And these products will help you do that.

© 2018 Rebecca


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