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Bar Counter Stools for your home

Updated on July 27, 2010

Bar Counter Stools

Choosing the right kitchen bar stools or counter stools for your kitchen, dining area, or breakfast nook can make all the difference when it comes to adding elegance to your humble abode...

counter stools

As it turns out, there are plenty of quality places on the internet where homeowners can turn to research the purchase of counter stools for their home or apartment.

I don't necessarily want to direct link to any of them from this page however; This isn't an affiliate page.  The way I was able to find the best quality sites for kitchen furniture was to simply type a query into Google search bar at the top of my particular browser and voila! Like magic, several reputable sites popped up.  From that point it was just a matter of simply researching the best options for my set of criteria

Bar counter stools

So, why then did I take the time out of my busy schedule to post a Hub-page about seemingly innocuous kitchen furniture? Simple, many only think of bar stools or counter stools as something they have to endure when trying to eat a meal in a bar, or when they're sitting in a lounge trying to watch a sporting event, thinking 'I wonder why somebody would design this stool without someplace for me to rest my feet. I bet I could do a better job designing a stool.

Well, when it comes time to choose the right counter stool for your home, it then becomes time to put your money where your mouth was. Most people don't take their overall comfort levels into consideration when considering stools for their kitchen or dining area. Rather, aesthetics seem to take precedence over practicality in this scenario, and the end result often times tends to border on disappointment.

Bar stool racer

Are you considering purchasing a set of bar stools for your home? Think about the time and hassle that could be saved if you did all the proper research necessary to make the process go as smoothly as possible. There are several things to consider during the process.

  1. Comfort - Does the prospective stool have what it takes to provide you with your particular comfort needs; Is the backing high enough? Low enough? Is there a spot to rest your little tootsies so they aren't dangling in mid-air?
  2. Height - Choosing the right height for your counter stool is no less important than it would be if you were choosing a bicycle. Too high and you're left dangling; Too low and you're dragging; Just right and you'll be as comfortable as Goldilocks when she was in her B&E phase, breaking into the homes of unsuspecting wildlife and making herself at home.
  3. Aesthetics - Now, I didn't say aesthetics weren't important, I just confided that it wasn't the only or most important factor in choosing a stool. Heck, you want your furniture to look nice don't ya, what if you want to entertain your friends and acquaintances in the near future?
  4. Price - While I don't want you to think stingy, I also don't recommend breaking your bankroll on kitchen furniture either. After all, how much time are you gonna realistically spend sitting at your kitchen bar?
  5. Convenience - Will your new stools be delivered or will you be picking them up yourselves? Fairly straight-forward stuff, but certainly a factor when considering who to buy from
  6. Design - What do you want your counter stools or kitchen bar stools to be made of? Do you want oak bar stools? Wooden stools? Do you want your stools made out of space-age polymers? Do you want padding on the seat or a flat surface? Design is crucial to your aesthetics and overall comfort.

Well, choosing furniture for your living space can be an exciting part of moving forward in your life, and counter stools are no exception. So, dig in, do a little research and make the purchase as painless as humanly possible. It'll help make the experience a memorable one, and for all the right reasons.

What are stools and chairs without something to put them in front of. Check out these farmhouse kitchen tables for some interesting ideas on accessorizing your home.

Check out some options for glass storage jars in the kitchen

Of course, there are plenty of other designs available when choosing the right bar stools; Many prefer solid oak bar stools, while others would choose cherry bar stools. Do you like bar stools that swivel or is stationary a better fit? Many factors go into choosing this particular home furnishing.


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