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Choosing a computer chair

Updated on February 5, 2015
Cool computer chair
Cool computer chair

So, what do you think of when you think of computer chairs? Most of us probably don't give the subject too much thought. When we do think of them it's probably because the one we own or have been using has lost its usefulness for whatever reason, and we're now looking for a replacement.  So, let's talk about...

computer chairs

Computer chairs come in all shapes and sizes, all makes and models, and of course all price ranges. The first computer chair I owned was a fold-out job with a cup holder, designed for the beach or picnics I think. That chair cost me $20 at Wal-mart, and it lasted for a few years before finally breaking down. Throwing that chair away was a dark day, I can tell you.

The computer chair I own now is an antique'y relic job I slavaged from a restaurant called 'Air Transport Command' when they closed. That was my severance package, as I was the head bartender when they closed their doors. I sawed the wooden back off the chair so it slides neatly under my computer desk, which is an 8-foot banquet table. I'm a bit of a minimalist when it come to home furnishings.

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There are many factors to consider when choosing the perfect computer chair for your particular living situation:

  • Price - Price always seems to be a leading factor when it come to choosing furniture for one's home, and a computer chair is no different. Deciding which chair fits neatly into you budget will go a long way toward making the process a painless as possible
  • Branding - Are you somebody who prefers name brand equipment and furniture for your abode, or would you be comfortable with an old, hacked-up relic with the backing sawed off?
  • Size - How much space do you have to work with? Would the computer chair at the top of the page fit neatly into your living space, or do you require something substantially more compact?

Regardless of the computer chair you choose for your home or apartment, the process itself need not be a lengthy, painful process. You basically know yourself, your situation, your wants, needs and desires. Go with your gut instincts and before you know it your computer chair will once again become something you think about only when the need to replace it arises.

Computer chairs differ from your standard, garden-variety chair in that they tend to be specifically designed for the very purpose you are choosing them for. Now, this probably seems obvious at first observance, but think about it for a moment; If your computer chair isn't the most comfortable, functional design for what you need and want, then the decision to move on to the next design is mostly an easy one.

Not all chairs I have lying around the house can be described in such black and white definitions. When we are entertaining for instance, and it's time to gather all the chairs in the house to place around whatever table-settings we have in place, then we pretty much just gather every possible chair we can find, including in most cases the computer chairs we have although they clearly were not designed to have Uncle Pete's bum resting on them for Thanksgiving dinner.

What I'm saying is this; Your computer chair has a very specific purpose, and rarely will you have the chance to match a piece of furniture in your home with the very task it was designed to accomplish. Pretty straightforward stuff, but crucial considerations in the short and long run.

It can be a rewarding process, learning where and when to buy cool computer chairs. Good luck, and happy hunting.

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