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Buy Stanley Garage Door Opener Spare Parts Online - Remotes, Gears

Updated on November 8, 2011

On this page we are going to take a look at Stanley garage door openers. We will talk about Stanley the company, we will also take a look at reviews and where to buy spare parts for Stanley garage door openers. If you have a Stanley garage door opener or are thinking about possibly buying one then this page should tell you everything you need to know about spare parts and buying online.

In recent years the demand for garage door openers has been on the increase. Once seen as a luxury item these are now affordable and easy to install thus making them ever more popular with more and more home owners. There are a few big name companies that offer garage door openers such as Chamberlain and Genie, but what about Stanley? Theirs is a well known name, but do they make garage door openers?

Stanley Openers

The fact is that Stanley were once one of the market leaders in the field. However, due to more competition from large companies, in 1997 Stanley ended their involvement in residential garage door openers. They sold part of their business on to a company named Whistler, but they later went bust and Stanley openers were no more. The company do still produce commercial openers for businesses but they have long since ceased production of residential openers.

Back in the day Stanley were known to produce very high quality products at reasonable prices. The openers used worm gears which were very reliable and very rarely needed replacing. Unlike some other companies, the gears in their openers never seemed to need greasing, they would just keep running smoothly year after year. Their electronics always had a good reputation as well, they were not the most complex but this meant there was less to go wrong with them. Some other systems have problems with interference from other signals, Stanley never really seemed to have that problem. Due to this it is a real shame that such a good company was not able to keep manufacturing it’s openers. So what if you are one of the people who did manage to get their hands on a Stanley garage door opener?

Buy Stanely Replacement Parts Online

Buying Spare Parts Online

Even though Stanley made very reliable openers, the reality is that sometimes part do wear out, get lost or become damaged. Tracking down spare parts online is not all that easy unfortunately and some people have simply given up and replaced their opener with a more modern one from one of the companies that are still going. There are though still some things you can still buy online. One handy piece of replacement equipment is the remote. This is something that can be very easy to lose or step on, so you can still buy Stanley remotes online. You can also buy universal remotes which work with the vast majority of garage door openers, these are easy to programme when you get them and work very well.

You can also pick up a few more replacement parts over on Amazon if you shop around a bit. The prices here tend to be quite reasonable and you can usually find what you are after. The fact is though that as time goes buy these parts become more and more scarce simply because they are no longer being made.

Stanley garage door openers really do have a very good reputation. The prices were low, the parts were easy to replace and the whole system was seen as very reliable. It’s a shame the company could no longer compete with some of the bigger companies that have emerged over the recent years, but sure to say that people who do still use Stanley openers may well find they still last for a good few years. If you are looking for replacement spare parts hopefully this page will have given you a few clues on how to find them and get your opener up and running again.


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