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Buying Grout Cleaner

Updated on June 13, 2013

Let’s face it, the grout between the tiles of your kitchen floor or around the tub or shower can get really dirty. It can start to look grimy, gray if it is a white colored grout, or drab if it is a colored grout. This happens because of soap scum build up, the deposit of minerals from hard water, or from grease and dirt that accumulates in your kitchen or bathroom. And cleaning your grout can be really difficult too. In fact, getting the grout in your home clean can be a real chore.

For these reasons, there are many types of grout cleaner on the market. You can buy a grout cleaner from the supermarket or drugstore or you can buy a more industrial strength grout cleaner at a cleaning specialty store. There are even ways to make your own grout cleaner that can be effective with some kinds of dirt build up on your grout. Read on to get some tips on cleaning your grout and about the various kinds of grout cleaners that are available.

A grout cleaner can help you get those nooks and crannies looking clean!
A grout cleaner can help you get those nooks and crannies looking clean!

Types of Grout Cleaner

Many home cleaning experts will tell you that you should begin your search for an effective grout cleaner by going with the most mild type of cleaner first and then working your way up to stronger and stronger types of grout cleaner. Doing so will prevent you from wearing away your grout unduly. This can be especially important if the grout in your home is old and more fragile. Older grout can be easily worn away with very strong types of grout cleaner if you are not careful.

To start with, you may want to try to make your own grout cleaner. This type of cleaner will be very mild on your grout but might prove to be very effective in getting rid of some kinds of dirt and stains. To make a grout cleaner at home, simple make a paste of baking soda and water, which you can then apply to your grout. The cleaning activity of the baking soda will wash away a good deal of grime and soap scum while the gentle grittiness of the baking powder will act as a good scrubber. Alternately, you can make a grout cleaner by mixing some white vinegar in with warm water. You can apply either of these home made kinds of grout cleaner with a sponge or a small brush. A stiff toothbrush can make an excellent grout cleaner.

From here, you can move up to the kinds of cleaning products you find at your supermarket. These are a bit stronger than the home made grout cleaners and can work on more stubborn dirt and stains. There are the basic cleaners used for general household cleaners and then there are those products that are made specifically for cleaning grout. In either case, make sure to read the instructions on the grout cleaner to be sure you do not harm the grout as you clean it.

Finally, there are industrial grout cleaners that you can pick up at cleaning specialty stores. These rather strong chemicals are sometimes necessary when your grout is badly stained and the other types of grout cleaner can’t handle the work. Make sure to wear gloves when using industrial strength grout cleaner, and it is usually a good idea to test the cleaner first on some out of the way spot before you use it all over. You can then see if the cleaner will stain or bleach the grout or whether it will corrode or crumble the grout. You might wish to apply the cleaner and let it sit a while to see the outcome.

Tips for Grout Cleaning

Here are some good tips to keep in mind when cleaning grout with the various types of grout cleaners. First, use a stiff brush to clean the grout. You can purchase small brushes that are made for cleaning or you can use a stiff toothbrush for the purpose. The bristles of the brush should be some kind of plastic. Do not use metal brushes on your grout because these can wear it away. When scrubbing grout, do so in a circular motion. This is more effective when using a grout cleaner than a back and forth motion.

When using stronger grout cleaners, make sure there is adequate ventilation and avoid breathing any fumes. These can get quite strong in an enclosed space. Also, wear gloves, especially when using an industrial grout cleaner. They can be quite harsh on your skin. And make sure never to mix various grout cleaners together because you can end up with very dangerous gasses that way. People have been badly hurt when breathing in these fumes and the mixture itself can burn your skin.

By using these grout tips and using a grout cleaner that is the right strength for the job, you can effectively clean your grout while protecting it from undue wear. Purchase a good grout cleaner and put a gleam in your bathroom or kitchen.


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