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Buying a Duvet Cover

Updated on June 13, 2013

Did you know that the word duvet is a French word? It is. In French, the word duvet means “down,” as in the feathers from ducks and geese that are used for down comforters. Thus, when someone is talking about a duvet, what they mean is a large, flat, down filled bag that is used on many people’s beds for warmth and comfort. In fact, duvets can make a bed just about the warmest, coziest place you could ever want to rest your head.

One thing that makes duvets different from down comforters, however, is the fact that most of them are put inside of a duvet cover. In essence, a duvet cover is a large pillow case that the duvet itself is slipped into. The purpose of a duvet cover is to protect the duvet, and the down inside them, from dirt and perspiration. It can be difficult or impossible to clean down filled items, and the duvet cover makes this cleaning unnecessary. Simply slip the duvet cover off the duvet and clean that instead. This makes the warmth and comfort of down so much more convenient.

A duvet cover comes in different styles, so you have plenty to choose from.
A duvet cover comes in different styles, so you have plenty to choose from.

How to Buy a Duvet Cover

Just like other bedding such as sheets or comforters, duvets come in a variety of sizes depending in the mattress they will be used with. Thus, there are duvets that are sized for twin beds, queen beds, king beds, and any other mattress sizes that are currently offered in stores. Of course, since the duvets come in various sizes, the duvet cover used with them will be sized accordingly. Before buying a duvet cover, make sure you know the dimensions of the duvet you own.

Once you have sizing your duvet cover out of the way, then you are free to purchase your cover based on your particular sense of fashion and home decorating. One of the great things about duvets is that, because they are used with a cover, their style can be easily changed just by changing the cover used with them. You could even go with a jungle theme one night and with something rustic and homey the next. The sky is the limit!

What’s more, duvet covers are made from a whole variety of different materials. You can find a duvet cover made from silk or silk blends, rayon, cotton, and even suede, for a very unique look to your bedroom set. Some duvet covers are reversible, with different colors or patterns printed onto each side. This means that changing the look of your bed is even easier and can be done quite economically as well. Of course, a duvet cover often comes as part of a bedding set, so that the cover is matched in style and color to comforters, pillow cases, dust ruffles, and other bedding accessories.

Where to Buy a Duvet Cover

Now that you are ready to shop for a duvet cover, you will likely be looking for recommendations as to some of the best places to do so. Here are a couple of retailers that offer duvet covers that are very popular and well known and can be found either in your local shopping mall or online.

Your first stop for a duvet cover just might be Pottery Barn. This excellent retailer can supply you with a high quality and fashionable duvet cover at a very good price. They offer duvet covers in solid colors, in patterns, and even in stripes. Several lines of excellent duvet covers sold by Pottery Barn are made from all organic cotton. This means that you can sleep in luxurious comfort while also knowing that you are reducing your impact on our fragile planet. This line of organic duvet cover comes in all sizes, from twin to king.

For a really interesting duvet cover, one that would appeal especially to a young lady, head over to the online retailer called PB Teen. This shop sells a whole line of duvet covers made with the teenage girl in mind. You can buy a duvet cover in bright, fun colors and patterns that would really appeal to the sensitivities of a teen girl. These patterns are so fun, in fact, that you might find yourself purchasing a duvet cover, no matter what your age!

What it comes down to, at any age and in any bedroom, is the fact that a duvet cover can express your own personality and sense of style while performing the important function of protecting your duvet. Somewhere out there is a duvet cover calling your name.


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