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Buying Twin Bedding

Updated on June 4, 2013

Sometimes a twin bed is just the right size. For kids, a twin bed can be perfect, with plenty of room for them to stretch out but not taking up to much space in the bedroom that they could use to play or hang out. Twin beds can also be great for college students and adults who live in smaller spaces, whether this is a dorm room or an apartment. Sometimes twin beds are also perfect for smaller rooms in the house, as place to take a nap or a great spot for a houseguest to make him or herself feel at home.

Of course, if you have a twin bed, for whomever and for whatever purpose, you are also going to need twin bedding. The right sized bedding is important for a twin bed for both matters of comfort and of convenience. Finding the right kind of twin bedding for your needs is easy with a bit of comparison shopping.

Getting twin bedding a world of queen and king bedding may be difficult, so know the size of your twin.
Getting twin bedding a world of queen and king bedding may be difficult, so know the size of your twin.

Sizing and Buying Twin Bedding

When it comes to mattress sizes, twin beds are the smallest that are available. Generally, twin beds are made for a single person, whether for children or for adults. The measurements for a twin bed are in the range of 39 by 75 inches. There are also extra long twin beds that are made particularly for adults and are often found in college dormitories. These twin beds are 39 by 80 inches. Knowing the general size of a twin bed will help you when buying twin bedding.

Most of the bedding you will purchase for a twin bed will distinguish itself as just that, twin bedding, making buying simple. However, if in some instances only the dimensions of the bedding is provided and you want to know if it would be appropriate as twin bedding, here are the approximate sizes. For fitted sheets in twin bedding, the dimensions are 39 by 76 or 80 inches. For flat sheets, this measurement is 66 by 96 inches. Standard comforters for twin bedding will be in the range of 68 by 86 inches, whereas down comforters are usually a few inches longer.

Of course, the types of twin bedding, including the style and make of sheets, comforters, and pillows, will depend on your needs, your sense of fashion, and the kind of comfort and feel you are used to in your bed. Just as there are silk sheets and cotton sheets, plain comforters and patterned comforters for queen and king sized beds, there are all the different varieties in twin bedding as well.

Where to Shop for Twin Bedding

Department stores are great places to shop for bedding of all kinds, including twin bedding. These stores usually have a great selection in twin bedding and you can often get everything you need for your twin bed all in the same place. There are even twin bedding sets that can be purchased that will provide everything you need in one convenient package. This will not only save you time and likely money as well, it will also ensure that all of your twin bedding components are color and pattern matched. In this way, your bedroom will be sure to look great without spending a lot of time shopping from place to place in search of separate components.

An example of a good department store for buying twin bedding is Macy’s. These well known retailers offer everything you need for a twin bed, including bedding by such famous brands as Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren. You can find twin bedding that is great for men, women, or children.

Of course, almost every town in the country as a Target store close by, and these places are great for twin bedding as well. At Target, you can buy entire sets of twin bedding with everything you need for a very good price. They have great, colorful twin bedding for kids with all their favorite characters from cartoons and television as well as twin bedding that college students and adults would love as well.

In any case, the thing to remember when it comes to twin bedding is that just because the bed is smaller doesn’t mean the comfort should be any less. Your twin bed can be just as comfy and cozy as the biggest king size bed in the land. Buy good quality twin bedding and get a great night of sleep. 


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