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Buying a Queen Comforter

Updated on June 13, 2013

When you go to sleep at night, do you treat yourself like royalty? Well, you should. After all, everyone needs, and deserves, a great night of sleep. Only by sleeping well and waking up refreshed and ready to go can you face the busy day that is ahead of you. Even science has shown that those people who get plenty of rest are not only healthier people, they are happier too. Sleep is essential for a healthy body and a healthy mind.

This desire to treat yourself like royalty is no doubt why bed and bedding makers started naming the various bed sizes after kings and queens. They knew that people wanted to be treated well while asleep, that they looked for and demanded the height of comfort while spending time in bed. But for some people, these names can be a bit confusing. What does it mean, exactly, to be on the lookout for a queen comforter? How is a queen comforter different than a full comforter or a king? Read on to discover the differences.

A queen comforter can help you sleep like a queen.
A queen comforter can help you sleep like a queen.

What is a Queen Comforter?

When it comes to bedding sizes, a lot of us need a little help. It can be a head-scratcher to figure all of this out, what a comforter maker is talking about when it says that it is selling a queen comforter. Here is a handy guide to sizing a queen comforter.

First of all, in the bedding world, the sizes called queen and full are usually about the same, they run at approximately the same dimensions. This is why many comforters will be listed as being queen/full sized. This will take some of the confusion out of shopping for a queen comforter.

The other thing to know is that the dimensions that are offered in a queen comforter are slightly different from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some will be slightly larger in size and some will be slightly smaller. The range of sizes, however, will be about the same. Note as well that the dimensions for comforters, down comforters, and blankets are a bit different when it comes to queen sized, which you will see below.

When bedding manufacturers are talking about comforters, usually those made of cotton, a queen or full sized comforter will be in the range of about 88 by 88 inches. For down comforters, which usually run a bit bigger, this range is about 90 by 98 inches. Finally, for blankets, the range is about 90 by 90 inches for queen comforters. Of course, some manufacturers offer an oversized queen comforter, which may run in dimensions higher than those given here. Given this, it is a good idea to know your queen bed’s dimensions and buy your queen comforter based on how much room you are going to need and want.

Purchasing a Queen Comforter

Now that you now how to size a queen comforter you will be ready to go out shopping for one. Naturally, there are as many different styles and brands of comforter as there are beds to put them on. Some comforters will be luxuriant and expensive while others will be inexpensive and affordable for any home.

On very popular place to shop for queen comforters and for all of your bedding needs is Bed, Bath and Beyond. This retailer can be found in many shopping malls all over the country. The store carries any number of solid color and patterned queen comforter styles as well as down queen comforters and alternative down comforters. These alternative down comforters are great for those people who have sensitive allergies to dust mites. If you purchase your queen comforter through the store’s online venue, you may qualify for free shipping.

For an amazing selection of queen comforters, you might also check out King Linen. Despite its name, this online retailer really does carry an abundant stock of various types of queen comforters. You can even purchase entire ensembles of queen bedding, including sheets, pillow cases, duvets, and of course comforters for a very attractive price. In this way, your queen comforter will be matched in style with the rest of your bed clothes.

So now, armed with all this information, aren’t you excited to purchase your new queen comforter? Go out and get to shopping and spend tonight sleeping like true royalty.


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    • MyFavoriteBedding profile image

      MyFavoriteBedding 6 years ago from United States

      I think a lot of people will appreciate you defining the meaning of the full/queen concept. It can be very confusing when shopping for bedding. Nice hub!