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Finding the Perfect King Comforter Set

Updated on June 6, 2013
Anyone can sleep like a king in a king comforter set.
Anyone can sleep like a king in a king comforter set.

Ah, so you are king of your bedroom, are you? You like to sleep in style, in comfort, like royalty? Well, why not! We should all sleep so well. When we are kings at night we will be that much more prepared to be kings during the day as well. Better rested, you will make better decisions at work. You will be a better friend and a better member of the family. You will be king of your world!

To get this great night of rest, you are going to want a king bed and you are going to want a king comforter to put on your bed. A king comforter will cradle you in softness, warmth, and luxurious comfort. But while you are at it, while you are spending your time shopping for a king comforter, you might as well get everything you need. When you purchase a king comforter set, not only will you save time in shopping, you will also save money. What’s more, your bed will look great, with all the accessories color coordinated and matching. For fashion, convenience, and comfort, you should seriously consider a king comforter set.

What is a King Comforter Set?

When you start your shopping for a king comforter set, you will begin to notice that these sets come in different configurations, that some sets will constitute three pieces, some four, and some more pieces than that. So, what exactly is a king comforter set?

Of course, the main part of any king comforter set is the comforter itself. This is the backbone of your bedding, the blanket that will keep you warm and comfy. There are many types of king comforters, made of many materials and in a whole range of patterns and styles, and naturally there are many types of king comforter sets as well.

In addition to the comforter, most sets will also include the bed skirt that is sized for a king sized bed . The bed skirt, which will match the style and color your king comforter, is the part of the bedding that hangs from the bed to the floor, what some people call the dust ruffle. It is a nice decorative addition to the bedroom and hides anything you might be storing under the bed.

Also often included in your king comforter set will be your bed shams. These are basically the pillow cases for the small pillows that many folks like to add to their bedclothes for a bit of extra style and comfort. The bed shams in any king comforter set, like the bed skirt, will be designed to enhance the overall look of the set. These little well-appointed pillows are great for reading in bed or just as a bit of extra softness while you sleep.

Other components of king comforter sets can include things like roll pillows, neck pillows, and duvets, all of which will add to the look and comfort of your bed and bedroom. Why not splurge on a seven or eight piece king comforter set and really sleep like a king?

Shopping for a King Comforter Set

When you are ready to purchase your king comforter set, a great place to start your shopping is Macy’s, the department store known around the world for quality and style. Macy’s has any number of king comforter sets for you to choose from, so you will be able to find just the right style for your home and bedroom. You can go for the absolutely all-inclusive and opulent Sierra 14 Piece king comforter set or the more modest but just as well designed Michelle 7 piece king comforter set. Either will make a great addition to the home.

For the very finest in king comforter sets, head over to the website for AJ Moss, the bedding specialists headquartered in New Hampshire. This small but ambitious company sells bedding by all the best known and loved brands available. Here you will find king comforter sets made by such famous names as Southern Textiles, Thomasville Bedding, and Tommy Bahama. They also have specials on many of the most popular styles and brands of bedding so that you can purchase a luxurious king comforter set at a very good price.

What these retailers and many others have in common is the desire to sell a well made king comforter set to you at a price that is right for your budget. There is no beating a king comforter set when you want both style and comfort in your home. Everybody can sleep like a king.


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