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Luxury Bedding for a Luxurious You

Updated on June 13, 2013

We spend a third of our lives asleep. This means that for every year that you have been alive, you have spent one of those years in your bed! Makes you think, doesn’t it? That’s a whole lot of time dedicated to the act of dreaming, to restoring the body and the mind. And given the importance of sleep, given how necessary it is to our health and well being, not to mention how wonderful a good night’s sleep can be, shouldn’t we try to make our sleep experience as good as it can be? We should not only get a good night of rest, we should be as comfortable and happy as we sleep as we can. We owe it to ourselves.

Of course, what could be more important to our sleep experience than our beds, the place we spend that third of our lives. Our beds should be, and can be, a luxuriant and wonderful place, somewhere we look forward to falling into at the end of the day. Why not make our beds a palace of sleep? A kingdom of dreams? They can be, with luxury bedding. Splurge a little on luxury bedding and get the best night of sleep you ever had.

Luxury bedding is available to anyone - treat yourself!
Luxury bedding is available to anyone - treat yourself!

Varieties of Luxury Bedding

When it comes to the topic of luxury, each person may have a different idea what that means to him or her. What is luxuriant and opulent for one person might not be the same for another. However, there are a few things that we can all agree on when it comes to luxury bedding. The bedding should be soft, it should be warm, and it should be as comfortable as it possibly can.

Luxury Sheets

The first thing you will need to have truly luxurious bedding are a great set of sheets. This includes, of course, both bottom and top sheets, a full set. And when it comes to luxury sheets, the first thing a lot of us think of is silk sheets. Silk sheets, when made from fine spun silk, are the height of comfort. Not only will sleeping in silk sheets feel like your body is being bathed in the softest, purest water, silk is also warm in the winter and luxuriantly cool against your skin in the summer. One reason for the superior comfort of silk luxury bedding is the fact that silk breathes, allowing the free exchange of fresh air between you and the room, while keeping the warmth next to your body.

Of course, the other front runner when it comes to luxury sheets are those sheet sets made from the highest quality cotton. And when it comes to the cotton used in luxury bedding, few can beat that of pure Egyptian cotton. Egyptian cotton is known the world over for being the finest, the softest, the most comfortable for the fashioning of bedding. Like silk, one of the wonderful qualities of good cotton sheets are their ability to keep you warm, while still allowing for an exchange of moisture and air with the surrounding atmosphere. The cotton sheets that will best allow this breathability are those made with high thread counts. A thread count of 1000 or 1500 are the height in luxury bedding.

Luxury Comforters

Next to your sheets, your comforter will make the most difference to your comfort when you are sleeping. Your comforter should be warm and soft. It should be durable, without any cold spots developing in the comforter over time. There is nothing like a cold spot in your comforter that can disturb getting a good night’s rest.

And when you are talking warmth in your luxury bedding, what comes more quickly to mind that a down comforter? These comforters, when made from the highest quality goose or eider down, are the very heights of luxury. They will keep you warm on the coldest winter night, all the while cushioning you in a cloud of softness. And when they are well constructed, with baffling and well sewn edges, this variety of luxury bedding will last a lifetime, and all without a single cold spot.

Just like sheet sets, luxury comforters also are made from the highest quality cotton. What makes cotton comforters so special is that they come in such a variety of styles and patterns. Whether you’re tastes are bold and exotic, and you favor zebra or leopard stripped comforters, or you are a bit more old fashioned, cotton comforters are the height in luxury bedding fashion.

In the end, it is your comfort that is most important when it comes to purchasing luxury bedding. Not only should you be comfortable while asleep, you must be. It’s only with a good night’s rest that you can be ready for your busy day. Treat yourself to luxury bedding.


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