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Cupcake Decor

Updated on January 6, 2014

Cupcakes Bring A Smile

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Cupcakes are  fun!Cupcakes can be elegant.Varied styles, colors and tastes!
Cupcakes are  fun!
Cupcakes are fun!
Cupcakes can be elegant.
Cupcakes can be elegant.
Varied styles, colors and tastes!
Varied styles, colors and tastes!

Cupcake Themed Decorating

Think cupcake and a smile comes to your face. Cupcakes are cheerful and fun. Some are even elegant. What a great theme for your kitchen decor.

There are many decorative items that will help carry out your theme. The cupcakes woven, painted and sculpted into your favorite items are varied. Most likely your cupcake decor will present various styles and colors of cupcakes, but most are made with bright cheerful colors. These are perfect for your kitchen area.

Cupcake Decor

Cupcake dish towels are a useful item for your kitchen. Whether drying dishes or displaying your theme on a refrigerator door, these dish towels are cheerful and useful.

While browsing a gift shop in the Texas Hill Country, I found a display of cupcake kitchen items that made me drool. They had dessert plates, cookbooks, mugs, towels, napkins, and more. Most were inexpensively priced. The cupcakes provided a great theme for the shop and provided some great gift ideas for Christmas.

Ceramic Cupcakes

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Ceramic cupcakes
Ceramic cupcakes
Ceramic cupcakes

Ceramic cupcakes

My daughter-in-love has decorated her kitchen with cupcakes. She has a large island with an expansive counter top. Her cupcake candles and ceramic cupcakes are displayed on a cake plate. They are all different sizes and styles. Many of these cupcakes, she received as gifts from friends and family.

In addition, we found cupcake measuring spoons in pewter for her last Christmas. There is also a cupcake spoon rest for her stove. Various cupcake towels are available in her kitchen for dish drying.

I found some cute cupcake decor in an ice cream shop while taking a vacation day. The gift displays were creative and different. Plates, cookie jars, and fancy plates lined the shelves providing a fun decor for the shop..

Salt and Pepper Shakers

Yes, they make cupcake salt and pepper shakers. Your family will enjoy using these creative shakers for their meals. Choose a set that fits your need.

Find a cupcake apron to wear in your new decor. Select a cupcake colored cloth napkin to decorate your themed placemat or choose a tablecloth with your theme. There is brightly colored cupcake dinnerware available for your table. From rugs to recipe holders, there are many more of these themed items to use in your kitchen.

For The Bedroom

Some of the cutest cupcake decor is made for your child's bedroom. The colors are bright and the theme popular among the kids. Whether you use pink colors for the daughter or black backgrounds with bright cupcakes for your son, each has kid appeal. From floor rugs to bed sheets, choose one for you. Choose bath towels with your theme and brighten up the bathroom.

Baby items also come with the cupcake theme. The bright sherbert colors are perfect for an infant room. In addition, you can find baby blankets and clothing featuring the cupcake.

Frame your favorite cupcake picture for the wall. There are also pre-framed pictures available on the market.

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Classy Cupcake Decorating

To complete your cupcake decor, find your favorite cupcake items. These will be your focal points. Use solid colors that compliment your cupcake items and carry your theme through the room or rooms. Bright pastels blend very well with most cupcake paraphanelia. Be creative. Use paint colors on the walls that enhance your theme. Your new decorating project can be a process. I love gift shops and love to hunt for those perfect finds. Take your time and find things you will enjoy in your home. It does not have to be expensive, but it does have to be fun! Happy Hunting!


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  • RTalloni profile image

    RTalloni 6 years ago from the short journey

    Cupcakes would be really cute decor in a kitchen, particularly one with retro designs. Nice, voted up. :)