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How to Design an Office Using Black Glass Desk Furniture

Updated on June 21, 2009

Metal glass desk sets come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles. Depending on the overall look you are trying to achieve, a black glass desk can easily add elegance and beauty to any office. The unique texture of the glass combined with the simplicity and unique appearance of metal furniture brings a modern or contemporary design element to a space. Metal desks with glass parts can be found at most office supplies stores or online. Whether you are designing a home or business office, furniture with metal and glass can be fairly inexpensive to purchase in comparison to expensive woods like mahogany or oak.

Depending on the size, shape, and style you are looking for, metal glass desk sets can be used as a divider or separation within an office space or room. The overall appearance of the desk is less of an eyesore in comparison to a bulky solid wood top, making the division more fluid or barely noticeable. Metal black desk furniture is a popular choice for many reasons. The dark color can easily match or blend in with other colors or styles within a room. When combined with a glass top, the piece becomes even more elegant and much more durable than most other furniture materials. The glass top can withstand many years of wear and tear without showing its age.

Bring Architecture to Your Office with an L Shaped Glass Desk Set

Purchasing a black L shaped glass desk set can bring a unique design element to a home or business office.  Many times we forget how easy architecture can change the layout or division of small space.  An L shape desk can easily become a separator between you and clients.  Accessories like a computer, printer, and telephone can be placed on one side of the desk leaving you with an open work area on the other.  Reasonable priced black L shaped desks can be found with a little bit of homework.  Begin by searching for black office furniture and then narrowing the search to include L shape and glass.

The unique combination of black office furniture and the beauty of glass are considered to be a must in modern office decor.  Black furniture made out of either wood or metal has as simple yet sleek look to it.  When combined with a glass top and shelves, the overall look takes an even more contemporary appearance.  Any black L shaped glass desk set can work depending on the size space and layout you are working with.  If you can’t find an L shaped desk to fit your space or if an L shaped glass desk is out of your league, consider purchasing and aligning two separate desks in an L shape to achieve a similar but less expensive office setup.

Clear Versus Tempered Glass Desk Tops

Clear glass has a unique and elegant design quality to it but tempered glass desk tops are a step above.  Tempered glass is usually more expensive to purchase but that is because it also functions as a barrier from any unsightly items that are underneath or on the other side of the glass.  Tempered glass has a milky appearance that easily creates a visual screen.  For instance, covering an older desk that is beginning to show its age on the working surface with a beautiful piece of tempered glass can save you the expense of having to purchase a new office desk.  Tempered glass desks can be found at most office supply stores or office furniture stores.  

There are many uses for tempered glass desk tops but its protective quality is by far the most important.  When purchasing a new desk for your office, ask the sales clerk if they also carry glass desk tops.  The tops are usually sold separately as a protective measure for consumers that want to prolong the life of their new desks.  There is nothing more beautiful than a black piece of office furniture flanked with an elegant and protective tempered glass top.     

Make Your Office More Modern with Frosted Glass Desk Accessories

There are many different types of frosted glass desk accessories on the market including tops, lamps, stationary and pen holders, picture frames, and trays.  Frosted glass accessories are an excellent addition to any style of office furniture but they seem to make the most noticeable impact when adorning a black office desk.  The elegance of black office furniture combined with the beauty of frosted glass brings a unique and modern design element to a home or business office. 

Modern or contemporary office design usually combines dark furniture with materials that help bring simple yet elegant elements into a space.  Frosted glass desk accessories like lamps and picture frames change the overall look of a plain black desk and put the focus upward rather then below eye level.  You can find many frosted glass accessories at an office supply store near you or online.  Accessories that include glass are going to cost more than others but their beauty is well worth the extra expense.


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      Michael 2 years ago

      Where would I be able to buy this desk?

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    • profile image

      John C. 7 years ago

      This article has no valid substance at all. Saying that "there are many types of glass desks" is simply common sense and provides no insight regarding desk setup, color scheme, efficient layout or decorating at all whatsoever.

      In the future actually say something if you want people to follow your blog!

    • profile image

      Mark 7 years ago

      I am trying to furnish a new home/office, great ideas.

    • profile image

      maulana 7 years ago

      nice blog..really modern office desk furniture

    • Maria Harris profile image

      Maria Harris 7 years ago from Houston

      Decorating an office in glass and black is perfect for a contemporary work space. Nice hub.