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Kitchen and Dining Table Chairs for Kids and Families

Updated on December 22, 2009

Shopping for dining table chairs can be an overwhelming task for many people. Dining room table chairs are probably the most important part of a dining room set. Chairs must be practical, comfortable, and within both your style and budget plans. Most importantly, the chairs need to match both your dining room table and other pieces of furniture within the space. The choices are numerous but you can easily narrow them down by taking a few things into consideration.

There are many things you must take into consideration when purchasing chairs for your dining area. The latest trends are usually of great importance for many of us but comfort and functionality are equally as important. Will the chairs work well for all members of your family including children? How much entertaining do you plan to do using your new dining set? Is your dining room a multi-purpose room that will be used for more than just eating? All of these scenarios are examples of situations in which you may want to reconsider the type of table and chairs you choose for your dining room.

Begin by first determining if you are going to design a casual or formal dining room area. Is your home decorating using modern elements or traditional? Is other furniture in the area made of solid wood or some other kind of material? Do you want straight-backed or curved chairs? Style is important and keeping things consistent within the space and the rest of your home is crucial in any design project.

After figuring out the style, material, and color that best fits the rest of the décor in your dining room and home, you can then begin narrowing down the many choices that are available. Choose quality sturdy materials if the dining area is going to see heavy traffic for many years to come. You can find dining table chairs at local furniture stores but the internet is going to be your best source for the latest trends in style and innovative materials.

Kids Table Chairs

Decorating a children’s playroom or eating area can be a project that involves the entire family.  Take your kids along when you shop for a kids dining set that includes kids table chairs and a sturdy table top.  Let the kids try out the different models to see which table set best fits their size and height requirements.  The decision should be fairly simple and will probably boil down to the one they like best as long as it fits them well too. 

Children’s table chairs and table tops usually serve as an eating and playing surface so you will need to stick with materials that are both durable and easily cleaned.  A good table set will be one where they can gather to make crafts, play games, or build puzzles.  At lunch time, a simple wipe off and the table is then ready and safe enough for the children to sit and enjoy a meal.  You can find kids table sets in a variety of places including department and furniture stores.  The tables come in a variety of finishes and colors that are associated with children spaces.  You can also find sets that have specific designs like sports or flower themes.  Prices will vary from store to store so it is wise to shop around and compare prices before making your final decision.    

Glass Table Chairs

Glass table chairs are usually made of soft cushy materials which are great counterparts for the hard appearance of a glass table tops. Materials like leather and cashmere make great fabrics while wood, fiberglass, or polished aluminum are great base materials that when combined will create a comfortable and inviting dining room area. There are two basic styles of chairs to choose from. High-backed chairs are more formal looking and low-back chairs are considered more casual. There are also many types of legs and bases to choose from.

Glass dining room tables have a modern quality that is best matched with other modern materials. Faux leather combined with a polished steel frame is probably the best example of a modern blend in both the table and chair design. A glass desk or console table can be made to fit both a traditional or modern design. When you add chairs that are both modern in style and materials, the result is a beautiful and elegant space that people will remark on and feel comfortable within.

Folding Table Chairs

Folding table chairs are convenient in many ways and can be used for many different occasions.  Schools, churches, hotels, and conference venues are not able to function without the use of folding tables and chairs.  Folding chairs at home are great for providing extra seating for birthday or graduation parties, craft areas, and especially outdoor living spaces.  Folding chairs are essential if you don’t have the space needed to entertain because the chairs can easily be accessed when needed and neatly tucked away when not in use. 

Folding chairs can be purchased fairly inexpensively if you don’t require extra padding or special materials.  The price goes up when you add more comfort like softer cushions or decorative fabric.  Basic chairs are made of a hard plastic or metal materials with very little cushioning and simple fabrics that are weather-resistant for durability.  The chairs can usually fit any occasion and décor.  You can choose to spend extra money on chairs that are more comfortable or stylish especially if they will fit well with the occasion and venue.  You can purchase these chairs separately or in bulk depending on how many you need.

Photo by roobarbs @
Photo by roobarbs @

Kitchen Table Chairs

The most important thing to consider when deciding on which kitchen table chairs to purchase is durability. The size of your family and the amount of guests you receive is going to be the main determinant in which type and style of chairs you should purchase. The chairs will need to be able to handle many types of occasions and frequent use depending on how often you entertain guests.

Comfort is another major quality you must consider carefully when it comes to kitchen table and chairs. Sometimes the kitchen table is used for more than just meals, for instance, the weekly card game or craft night. If you have small children, you must definitely plan for many years of activity in and around the kitchen area so the materials you choose will also have to be able to withstand such abuse. The comfort and design of the table and chairs is going to determine how popular the area will be for both your family and guests.

The amount of seating you are going to need in the kitchen area is also going to determine the size and amount of chairs you should purchase. Some chairs are slimmer in design which means you can possibly squeeze and extra chair or two if necessary. You can also purchase a few folding chairs for the kitchen area to accommodate extra visitors when needed.

When shopping for chairs you will find that there are many sizes, styles, and types of dining and kitchen table chairs available. It is important to decide which chairs will best fit both your function and comfort needs. You can find many great deals online so it is important to comparison shop before making your final decision.


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