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Contemporary and Modern Oak Console Table Guide

Updated on December 22, 2009

The unique elegance of a glass console table makes it stand out among others and thus makes it more contemporary or modern than any other type of material. Glass has always been considered a modern element in design especially in furniture pieces. Modern oak console tables are no exception. Some tables have oak legs with one or two glass surfaces. There are however other ways one can determine how modern a furniture piece really is. For example, the shape of a table is a major determinant because modern pieces are usually streamlined or sleek in design. Whether the shape is round or square the less adornments it contains, the more modern the design is considered. The legs of a table also help to separate a modern design from a traditional piece.

When purchasing any piece of modern furniture, keep in mind that the piece is going to need other modern elements in order for it to fit well into a space. For instance, a console is usually accompanied by a mirror. Choose a mirror that matches the oak and glass combination of the table and try to pick a similar shape as well. The combination of the various contemporary elements is going to make your entryway or hall area flow better and appear modern in design.

Photo by ndbutter @
Photo by ndbutter @

Black or White Console Table

A black or white console table is going to be more modern than any other furniture stain or finish. Solid colors are more contemporary because they look more elegant and clean in comparison to older pieces of furniture that are stained regardless of the shade. White and black consoles can fit into most modern designs and are easily matched to other pieces of furniture in the area. Modern designers love to use solid pieces of furniture in designs because they can be mixed and matched with other solid colors of any shade.

When designing around a black or white modern oak console table, consider bringing in other similar furniture pieces like mirrors or chairs so that the table has another modern piece to blend with. Change out traditional trim for a more modern design and bring in a modern rug or modern wall colors to tie everything in. You can find modern oak consoles at most furniture stores or online. Many websites will ship furniture for a fixed rate or even free depending on where you shop.

Mirrored Console Table

The best thing about a mirrored console table is that sometimes a modern table needs a sidekick. A modern mirror is essential if you need another modern piece in the area to tie in your modern design. Many tables can be purchased with a matching mirror which is ideal because the mirror will most likely have the same style or design as the table. Having a mirror in your entryway is great for getting one last look at yourself before you head out the door. Mirrors also help spread light through an area which is especially helpful in an entry hall because most halls or entryways do not have windows.

Mirrored modern oak console tables can be found in super modern styles. Depending on the color you choose or the shape of the piece, the rest of the designing is going to be fairly easy. Add other modern items like an artistic rug or art piece nearby. Use bold colors on the wall or even a funky wall paper. Your entryway will be like no other. The mirrored table along with the other modern or contemporary elements you add will be the first thing people see when they enter your home. You can find mirrored table at local furniture stores but most modern designs are only available online. Shop around and look for one that best fits your overall design plan.

Hall Console Table

An oak hall console table is a great way to bring furniture into the entryway of your home. The table can be a place where you keep you mail sorter or key tray. The centralized location is also a great place to keep a phone or alarm remote so that everyone knows exactly where they are at should there be an emergency. Hall tables can be found in many shapes, sizes, materials, and designs. Modern pieces are going to be odd or unique in all of these areas. Oak tables can be stained or painted in any color to make them more modern or contemporary.

When shopping for a hall table, keep in mind that the table material and look must be consistent with other pieces of furniture in the area and the rest of your home. Choose a shape and style that best fits the overall flow of your home. Add accessories like a mirror, rug, art, or chandelier that best reflects a similar modern style. You can find numerous examples of modern hall consoles online. Try to comparison shop if you can and between stores to find the best style and price to fit your final design plan.


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    • crystolite profile image

      Emma 7 years ago from Houston TX

      Interesting information that i enjoyed reading.thanks for sharing.

    • profile image

      Scott 7 years ago

      I really like the console table design.

    • profile image

      brnielsen44 8 years ago

      Oak also makes wonderful TV stands. Great article.