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Outdoor Bistro Tables and Chairs Guide

Updated on December 22, 2009

French bistro tables are probably the most popular style of outdoor bistro tables and chairs on the market today. Tables for bistros originated in France centuries ago so the French style tables you see today are indicative of that region and era. A bistro set usually includes one table and two chairs. Bistro tables and chairs are taller than regular tables and the tops are usually 24” to 30” in diameter. French style bistros are definitely meant for just two to comfortable dine. You can however, find bistro table sets in many sizes, heights, colors, materials, and styles.

The base of a bistro table is typically made of wrought iron or some other kind of sturdy material. The tops are mostly Formica, stone, or mosaic tile. Outdoor bistro tables and chairs are mostly found in materials that can withstand exposure to the elements. Some tables are designed to be folded so you can put them away when they are not in use or if inclement weather is expected. You can find a variety of outdoor bistro chairs and tables online. There are also many websites were you can customize a set to your specific taste.

Photo by Kodamakitty @
Photo by Kodamakitty @
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Photo by gaiaworks @

Mosaic Bistro Tables

Mosaic bistro tables are French style tables that have a mosaic top. The mosaic surface is probably the most traditional top available. The mosaic top is usually colorful and artistically designed. All of the pieces of tile or glass are intricately cut and placed on the surface to create a beautiful design or image. Mosaic tables are more expensive to purchase because they are handmade and because of the quality craftsmanship of the artist. Most mosaic designs are made with Italian stained glass but tile can also be used. The glass has a beautiful and elegant quality that reflects each design perfectly.

Outdoor bistro tables are usually weather resistant and can be used in any outdoor setting including a pool deck, pergola, or patio. A colorful mosaic table would be a wonderful addition to your garden or porch. You can find mosaic tables online at many online stores. You can also find stores that will custom make a mosaic top according to your specifications. You can choose any special design or photo to be recreated in mosaic. A custom mosaic top is an excellent way to bring a little piece of your personal style to the outdoors.

Photo by rockydeluz @
Photo by rockydeluz @
Photo by SimplyStagin @
Photo by SimplyStagin @

Wrought Iron Bistro Tables

Wrought iron bistro tables are very traditional in style.  The metal material is durable and sturdy.  Most iron tables are designed to last many years of outdoor exposure without the least bit of problem.  The wrought iron may change into a more rustic appearance with time because most metals react to outdoor elements.  You can find wrought iron bistro table bases in many different colors.  The tops are usually either made of Formica, stone, or in a mosaic design. 

The beauty of an outdoor bistro table with a wrought iron base is an excellent addition to any outdoor space.  It may cost more to purchase a solid wrought iron set but you can be sure that the material is going to be very durable no matter what the outdoor condition may be.  There is a wide selection of outdoor wrought iron bistro sets online.  The best thing about bistro table sets is that they are small and can easily be shipped to just about anywhere in the world. 

Outdoor Bistro Tables, Chairs and Sets

Outdoor bistro tables chairs and sets are easily found with the help of the internet. You can purchase each piece separately so you can easily customize the look you want or in sets that are already put together. Most outdoor bistro tables come with weather resistant elements including the chair covers and table tops. Bistro table chairs are usually straight backed with some kind of intricate design on the backs. The seats of the chairs are usually similar to the backs but many companies also carry cushioned bistro chairs. Table bases are almost always made of wood or wrought iron. Wood outdoor bistro tables are treated so they are protected from outdoor elements.

You can find wood or metal bistro tables chairs and sets in many places but the internet is the best place to start. Comparison shopping on the internet will give you an idea of the types, styles, sizes, materials, colors, and prices that are available in today’s market. You should also check for which companies have free shipping or low cost shipping so you can save even more on your purchases.


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      Andi 3 years ago

      Another mystery is home path homes. I have one near my house right by a very busy sertet. But would make a good rental as right next to diner/wild by nature and great restaurant. When I called I was told there is a 3.5% rebate at closing if it is owner occupied and the person takes a mortgage. I then say how much for cash? Do I get a discount. Told Homepath not looking for cash buyers and no discount. Meanwhile house is sitting empty now for 10 m2000onths. Days of RTC no financing they just sold them quick. House is so cheap I could sell a few stocks and pay for it. Don't even care much about inspection etc. Houses can't sell quick cause of short sales and banks dragging it out.

    • Ella D'Zur profile image

      Ella D'Zur 8 years ago

      Bistro Tables are great for smaller places such as a porch or a small kitchen. They also make great accents in gardens!

      I have found, coming from the catering industry, that Bistro tables are a great for cocktail parties!

    • werebear profile image

      werebear 8 years ago from UK

      Thanks for the hub i found it well written and informative,

      I love the chairs around the glass table.