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Organize with Ikea Wall Mounted CD Rack Towers and Shelves

Updated on June 20, 2009

Ikea carries a wide selection of very affordable wall mounted CD rack towers and shelves.  The units come in various materials like wood, metal, and glass.  Some units are considered towers while others are simple shelves that can be installed to accommodate music CDs and movie DVDs.  The best way to simplify the Ikea shopping experience is to first determine which item you wish to purchase.  You can visit the Ikea website and order there directly or use the website to check the availability of a product at a local store.  All Ikea products must be assembled and installed by you so it is important to follow the enclosed instructions for proper assembly and installation.

Wood CD rack

Ikea wood CD rack construction consists mostly of particle board which is engineered wood also known as composite material, mostly made up of wood particles from wood chips, sawdust, and sawmill shavings.  The wood material is then combined with a binding agent, typically synthetic resin, which helps hold the material together.  The material is then pressed tightly by machinery to form a solid piece of board which is then cut down and covered in foil or Melamine foil to form the beautiful surface we see in Ikea’s furniture pieces.  Wooden CD rack units are beautiful and can be incorporated in any home design or décor.  Most Ikea furniture also comes in a variety of colors to choose from.  Color choices for Ikea wall mounted CD racks are typically white, red, black-brown, walnut effect and beech effect.   

Ikea BESTÅ wooden CD rack is a horizontal unit that consists of a shelf unit that contains four movable shelves that can be adjusted in height to accommodate CDs, DVDs, and much more.  BESTÅ wood CD rack is made of durable particle board and a combination of foil and a recycled paper filling in a honeycomb structure.  It also contains Polypropylene, which is a composite plastic material.  To the naked eye, the material looks identical to wood.  Ikea BESTÅ series comes in four shades of colors including walnut and beech effect, white, and black-brown.  Unlike a real pine or oak CD rack, the material is considered more durable and less likely to bend or break with the weight load of objects.   

Ikea BESTÅ BURS wall mount CD rack shelf unit is a vertical storage system that also consists of four adjustable shelves.  The material is made of particle board, Melamine Foil, and ABS plastic which is another type of plastic composite material.  The vertical style unit is similar in appearance to a floor oak or pine CD rack but it is designed to be wall mounted for versatility and extra support.

Ikea LACK wood CD rack shelf is unique and interesting in design.  It is also very effective for storing CDs and DVDs.  The wall mount CD rack is made of particle board, fiberboard, ABS plastic, paper, and acrylic paint.  The LACK series comes in two colors, white and red.  The unique design is considered more modern or contemporary in appearance.  Use one or more shelving units to create storage for CDs, DVDs, and much more.

Ikea ODDA wall mount CD rack tower with plastic sliding doors is another type of Ikea wooden CD rack that is very stylish yet simple in construction.  The material is identical to that of the LACK series but it does however only come in white with a red accent background color.  The plastic doors are great for keeping things safe inside the unit and for keeping dust out.

Metal CD Rack

Ikea also carries metal CD Rack shelves that are contemporary in design and style.  Steel and aluminum are the materials used in the construction of Ikea’s two types of metal CD rack units.  Ikea metal products are very inexpensive so you can use more than one unit to create the DVD CD rack of your dreams.  There is nothing more important than creating organization in your home.  Ikea creates affordable durable products that everyone can afford. 

Ikea LERBERG wall mounted CD rack shelf is very inexpensive.  The unit can be hung horizontally to store CDs or vertically to store DVDs.  The material is steel with a powder coated finish made up of pigmented epoxy and polyester.  The Ikea LERBERG series comes in two colors, dark gray and green.  The unit has an industrial appearance that is mostly linked to a modern design scheme.  It is great for storage above a desk area or kids room.

Ikea ASPVIK metal CD rack shelf is made of anodized aluminum with polypropylene wall brackets.  The unit contains three adjustable shelves with an industrial aluminum finish.  Like the LERBERG series, the ASPVIK shelves are contemporary in design and great for storing CDs and DVDs in an office area or bedroom.  More than one set can be purchased and attached together to enlarge the storage capability.

Glass CD Rack

Ikea carries a couple of different types of DVD CD rack storage systems that incorporate glass with different types of materials to create a modern and highly attractive design.  One series combines stainless steel brackets with tempered glass shelves and the other combines particleboard with beautiful glass doors.  Both types of storage can be installed alone or in combination with other storage systems or additional shelving.   

Ikea BERTBY wooden CD rack cabinet is made of particleboard and foil but the most elegant element is the beautiful adjustable tempered/safety glass shelves with a fiberboard foil door and back panel.  The BERTBY unit also contains a light that illuminates the beautiful glass shelves from above.  The adjustable shelves can accommodate 290 CDs, 140 DVDs or 70 VHS tapes.  If you are looking for a more expensive yet very attractive wall mounted CD rack then this is the perfect one for you.  The overall look is modern in design but also very functional.  You an use one or more to create a unique design in any room of your home.

Ikea GRUNDTAL wall mount CD rack shelves are fairly inexpensive and made out of tempered/safety glass with stainless steel wall brackets for quality support.  The overall appearance is industrial and very modern compared to a wood CD rack.  You can use one shelf over a work station or combine a few to create different layers of storage or a larger storage area.

Log onto the Ikea website to see photos of these wall mounted CD rack towers and shelves and many other storage solution ideas.  Shop directly on the Ikea website and have the items delivered directly to your home or visit one of their local stores to find the items you are interested in purchasing.

Photo by johnmcga @
Photo by johnmcga @


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    • lucille12 profile image

      lucille12 3 years ago

      Should you decide to update your closet organization, you not only must decide on the system you wish to use, but also if you plan on doing the installation yourself or hire it out.

    • profile image

      Samuel 3 years ago

      WOW ....I'm drooling!My cleost is so embarrassing next to something like this!!!!!!!!! I have a 3 foot by 5 corner of our walk in that is plenty of space for me...and most of the clothing I haven't worn in two years (since I became a stay at home mom)But I DO have a ponyhide round ottoman tucked in the corner (to reach the highstuff! :)

    • mfriedstore profile image

      mfriedstore 6 years ago from 176 Flushing Avenue Brooklyn , New York

      I voted up your hub because it is interesting. Thank you for sharing.

    • profile image

      vc 7 years ago

      What a ridiculous waste of time post!

      No images, worst of links.

      Sure a large number of vendors carry a large selection.

      You have told me far less than a catalog or Sunday ad flyer could tell me.

    • Sam Wroxall profile image

      Sam Wroxall 8 years ago

      I have an ikea cd rack and I think they are great


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