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Types of Rubbermaid Clear Plastic Storage Bins

Updated on April 14, 2011

Rubbermaid large plastic storage bins have many uses. Revelations, Stack'n View, MaxLatch, Through Handle, and Clear Impressions are all varieties of large clear plastic storage bins made by Rubbermaid. The sizes vary from 17 gallons to 28 gallons and 44 quarts to 96 quarts. The versatility of clear plastic bins is like no other plastic storage product. Clear plastic storage allows you to store and stack bins but still be able to see the contents of each box. Some bins have lids that snap on while others have lockable lids that are safe enough to snap and sturdy enough to withstand the weight of other objects on top. Use Rubbermaid clear storage bins to store food, clothing, seasonal items, tools, craft supplies, and much more.

Rubbermaid is well known for their quality products and innovative storage systems. The name and brand speaks for itself. The durability and versatility of their products is unmatched by any other competitor. You can find Rubbermaid products directly on their website or at stores near you. The Rubbermaid website is full of different sizes, shapes, styles, colors, and quality levels to choose from. The website has the largest selection and tons of great storing ideas and solutions.

Photo by Groovymarlin @
Photo by Groovymarlin @

Small Plastic Storage Bins

Much like Rubbermaid’s large plastic bins, Rubbermaid small plastic storage bins also have unlimited uses.  Handi-Box, SnapTopper, Fashion Clears, and Latchtopper are types of small clear plastic storage bins made by Rubbermaid.  Small sizes vary from 1.5 gallons to 21 gallons and 4 quarts to 36 quarts.  Small containers are great for organizing items like food, craft supplies, office supplies, school supplies, and other small scale objects.  Rubbermaid clear plastic storage bins with lockable lids are great for stacking.  You can put away all of those seasonal items or items that are not frequently used but still be able to easily find items when you need them. 

Small food storage plastic bins are great for organizing your refrigerator and cupboards.  Use small storage bins for food storage in a pantry.  You can easily label each bin if contents have a similar appearance.  It is always a good idea to label bins anyway just in case someone else may need to access those same bins.  Rubbermaid small plastic storage bins can be purchased directly via the Rubbermaid website or at local home improvement, grocery, and department stores.  The Rubbermaid website has a complete selection of all clear small plastic bins.  Food storage clear plastic containers can be purchased in sets of 4 to 18 pieces depending on your storage needs.

Stackable Plastic Storage Bins

Stackable Plastic Storage bins are important especially if you plan to store liquid or fragile items. Rubbermaid has a wide selection of clear plastic storage bins that can be staked to save space and maximize your storage capabilities. The clear plastic allows you to see the contents of each box even though they may be stacked too high to reach. Storing and having what you need available at your finger tips has never been easier. Hi-Top, Latchables, and Wheeled & Hinged are types of Rubbermaid clear plastic storage boxes that can easily and safely be stacked.

It is always wise to use containers that have a lockable lid especially if the containers are large or contain fragile items. It is not safe to stack plastic bins too high when they are not stable and level. Before stacking each bin, ensure that the bin is tightly sealed and not too heavy on one side. For your safety and that of others, consult the Rubbermaid website for storage tips and properly stacking of plastic bins. You can find many types, sizes, and models of clear plastic storage bins on the Rubbermaid website. Purchase directly from the company or look for other Rubbermaid products at a store near you.

Cheap Plastic Storage Bins

Rubbermaid cheap plastic storage bins are not cheap in materials or function but they are cheap in price. Rubbermaid has priced their durable and versatile products so everyone can experience the benefits of having a home that is clutter free and organized. You can use Rubbermaid products to organize every room of your home including office, kitchen, pantry, bedroom closet, bathroom vanity, kid’s bedroom, garage, storage shed and much more. Large or small plastic storage bins can be purchased for as little as a few dollars. Rubbermaid sets are great because they come with a variety of sizes that can fit all of your small storage needs.

Visit the Rubbermaid website today to find great prices and specials on the best plastic storage bins on the market. Rubbermaid also sells other organization products like closet systems, storage towers, shoe organizers, and many other storage solutions. The Rubbermaid website also has great tips on getting your home organized and clutter free.


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