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Kids Toy Storage Solutions and Ideas

Updated on July 2, 2009

Kids toy storage bins come in a wide array of sizes, colors, and materials. Most bins are usually made out of kid friendly materials like plastic. Storage bin organizers usually hold anywhere from four plastic storage bins to about twelve. This type of organization system works well with small children because the bins are open and the children can easily remove whatever toy they would like to play with and efficiently put away the toys when it is time to clean up. Other systems use bins with lids or lockable lids to store toys. The bins are usually made of clear plastic so the children can have an idea of the contents of each bin. This type of system works great with older children that are versed in the opening and closing of lids.

A great toy storage bin system is one that the children enjoy being part of the organization process. Having a nice place for children to put their toys away in isn’t enough. The children have to either enjoy the process of putting away their toys or enjoy the reward they will receive for a job well done. There are many different toy storage solutions and ideas in the market today. Begin by first determining the type of system that will best work with your child’s ability to place things in their proper containers. A child’s age is the best determinant of the type of organization system you should purchase. You can find great kids storage systems online. Many websites recommend an age group for the different types of storage systems they carry.

Photo by dwcrone @
Photo by dwcrone @

Toy Storage Boxes

Toy storage boxes come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. The most popular type of toy box is typically made of wood or plastic. Wooden toy boxes have been used by many generations as a place for children to store their toys and personal belongings. Wooden boxes are typically stained with a wood finish or painted in a solid color or with a kid friendly design. Plastic toy boxes are usually colored and have a lid so the child can secure the items inside. Toy bins with lids are especially helpful when a child has younger siblings. In this case, it is very important for an older child to have a safe place where he or she can store their most valuable items away from a younger sibling. Plastic storage boxes work well too but are not as sturdy.

It is not necessary for a toy storage box to have a locking device. You should also keep in mind that most kids toy boxes end up looking old fairly quickly. Don’t spend a lot of money on a box that is going to end up colored with markers or covered in stickers in a few years. Themed toy boxes are popular but interest in themes doesn’t usually last very long either. Check online stores for great deals on toy storage boxes and toy organization tips. Many websites have customer testimonials that can help you determine if a storage system will work for your kids storage dilemma.

Hanging Toy Storage

Hanging toy storage units are usually make out of plastic or mesh.  The stack of anywhere from three to six bins can easily be hung in a children’s closet to store toys or personal items.  There also many different types of hanging storage that can be hung in other areas of a room.  For instance, there are many different types of stuffed animals hanging storage available on the market today.  Mesh nets and animal chains are the most popular.  Mesh nets can be installed in a corner of the room and can hold about ten small stuffed animals up high for display.  Animal chain can be hung anywhere on the ceiling and contain series of hocks that clip on to the stuffed animals and hold them on display.  The animals can easily be accessed and placed back when needed.

Hanging storage shelves, hooks, and compartments are also very popular in childrens toy storage solutions.  Storage shelves can be purchased in various sizes, colors, and materials and can easily be installed anywhere in a room.  When properly installed, storage shelves can hold plenty of items that your child would like to display.  Wall hooks and compartments can also be placed anywhere in a room but they are less sturdy in comparison to shelves.  You can find many hanging storage ideas online.  Most websites carry a wide selection of various types of hanging toy storage ideas.

Bath Toy Storage

Bath toy storage is the only way to keep all of those bath toys clean and organized.  Mesh bags and plastic bins are the most popular bath toy storing solutions.  Mesh nylon bags come with suction cups that adhere to the wall in your bathroom.  Wet toys can be placed inside and zipped shut to prevent them from falling back out.  The toys dry out and are ready for your child’s next bath time.  Plastic bath toy bins are another great bath toy organization solution.  The plastic bins usually have holes on the bottom so that the excess water can drip away from the toys leaving them dry and clean until next time they need to be used.

There are many different types, sizes, and materials to choose from when it comes to toy storage especially for the bathroom.  You can find a variety of websites online that carry bathtub safe kids bath toy storage bins.


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