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Shower Filters for Shower Heads

Updated on March 8, 2011

Shower Filters for Shower Heads

Does your shower head continually get clogged because of mineral build up from the water that supplies the shower heads in your bathrooms? Does the spray pressure that comes out from the shower slowly get lower and lower until its a drizzle of drip?

If so then you may be looking for a shower filter to help eliminate the minerals the flow through the shower head while taking a shower. Shower filters are easily attached inline with the shower head trapping all the heavy minerals that come from the public water supply or from a water supply well.

Whats great about shower filters that we have enjoyed the most is that they also can make the water smell better giving that overall feeling of cleanliness after a nice shower.

Shower head filters like any water filtration system help purify the water that flows through the pipes of the plumbing, supplying water to the whole house water fixtures.

Taking a shower is suppose to be a pleasurable experience that makes you feel clean and fresh. Adding a new shower head one with a shower filter can do just that.

So if you feel like your shower head isn't providing you with the best shower experience or the shower head is worn out and clogged, then try adding a new shower filter to take out all those impurities in the water supply.

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    • h2ofilters profile image

      Dare Adelugba 6 years ago from NY

      Shower head filters are great for people who are allergic to chlorine which are left over from the water treatment facilities. Also, good shower head filters will prevent the chances of getting itchy after shower because the chlorine can leave skin dry and scaly after shower.

      It's also a good practice to compare the shower head water pressure with the design pressure of the filter before you buy.