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Twin Over Full Bunk Bed Online

Updated on January 10, 2010

A twin over full bunk bed delivers flexibility for any sized room. Kids love the cool factor associated with bunk beds, with this model being no exception. A twin mattress is located on the top bunk which is accessed by one or more ladders. A full mattress is located on the bottom bunk. This setup is great for kids of different ages who sleep in the same room. The smaller child can sleep on the top, and the larger on the bottom. This accommodates both kids’ needs while fitting two beds in the space of one. A twin over full can also serve as a storage space, with some models offering drawers underneath that can be used for clothes. You’ll also find that some of these bunk beds offer a third mattress underneath the bottom bunk, called a trundle bed. Read on to learn more about the features of these beds and where to get them.


Full size bunk beds such as these come in a variety of setups and orientations. You commonly see the wooden beds built with a squared off frame. There are also models designed with an “A-frame” where the front of the bed sits at an angle. Metal frames are generally powder coated in a single color of paint. The bed may not come with mattresses, and must be purchased separately (Twin for the top and full for the bottom). These measurements are based off of a standard mattress size. Extra long or wide mattresses may not fit within the frame limits. The top bunk is accessed using a ladder which may be oriented on the front or side of the frame. Ladders that sit at an angle are easier to climb. Here’s some features to consider when making a purchase:

Frame Material

Metal frames are usually made of hollow steel tubing. They are lightweight and easy to assemble, only requiring a few tools such as a wrench or screwdriver. Bolts slide through the pre-made holes and are fastened with a nut on the end. Setup can usually be done with one person and should take no longer than an hour or two. Metal frames can be made with more curves and design patterns than wood models because they can be bent. It all comes down to what your specific taste is and the design of the room.

Wooden frames are heavier and may require more than one person to assemble. Wood species such as oak and pine are used in their manufacture and then stained to result in a beautiful finish. Natural wood frames look great in any room and are very strong. Expect to spend more on a high quality wood frame. The wood finish can be scratched from shoes and toys, so if your kids are a little rowdy, consider putting foam protectors on the high traffic areas such as the ladder and bed feet.

Storage Drawers

To deter kids from throwing stuff under their bed when “cleaning” their room, consider a twin full bunk bed with storage drawers underneath the bottom bunk. Shoes, toys and clothes can be placed inside for a very clean storage solution. You will typically see 2-4 drawers underneath the bunk. If you have color coded drawers, such as locker-style ones, you can assign one or two drawers to each child for their own personal space. Sliding drawers give the bunk bed an upbeat, cool look in any room.

Trundle Bed

A full size bunk bed is not only limited to two mattresses. An innovative bed design features an additional mattress, called a trundle bed, which is located underneath the bottom bunk. The bed is easily rolled out onto the floor and can accommodate an additional child. Even if you only have two children who use the bed, this feature is great for a sleep-over or unexpected guests. It also works as a great place to lounge and sit while playing video games or coloring. The additional mattress will take up room that could be used for drawers, but could be worth the storage space depending on your needs. You will have to buy an extra mattress, but it does not necessarily need to be done at time of purchase.

Desk / Work Space

Full bunk beds have the potential to be an “all-in-one” package. Some models have a built-in desk center that provides the perfect place to work on homework and studies. These desks can usually accommodate a computer and accessories. If you have school children, this could be the breakthrough you’ve been looking for to make sure they do their studies on time.


A twin over full bunk bed is designed with function in mind. It fits 2-3 beds in the space of one regular one, making it extremely space efficient. The wide range of styles and material choices ensure that you can find a look to fit any room. Full bunk beds like this are extremely popular among kids, which means they’ll be enjoying it for years to come. 


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      David 7 years ago

      Hi yescpres..

      I say, you have a really good hub there.

      It's amazing how you can go to the extent of getting an extra bed at the top of another bed and adding beauty to a room I adore bunk beds like those. Very modern and stylish too.

      Thanks for the great article. I have enjoyed a lot with your hub.