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Dalyn rugs - casual elegance

Updated on December 28, 2013
Dalyn rug
Dalyn rug

Dalyn rugs are not only well made, but are also quite affordable. The exact price varies depending on the size and shape of the rug, what material it is made from and where it is purchased.

Online retailers usually sell these rugs for a more affordable price than regular department stores; using a shopping comparison site such as or Google shopping can help you to find the particular rug you are looking for at the best price.

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Before shopping for a Dalyn rug, there are a few things that you should do.  First of all, write down the measurements for the area rug; you may need to measure the living room or bedroom to see how large a rug you need. 

A rug that is either to large or too small will not compliment the room's decor.  Next, see what color and style or rug would be suitable.  If your living room is elegant and formal, you may want to choose a more elegant and stylish rug, although in some cases a solid colored rug is the best option. 

If your living room is casual and contemporary in style, then you would want to choose a print or style of rug that is in this same style.

Consider also what shape of area rug you want. There are round, oval, square, rectangular and even octagonal Dalyn area rugs. Decide which shape would be the most suitable for your room.

You should also take into consideration what material the rug is made from. Dalyn Casual Elegance rugs are a good option for the winter, as they are very thick and will give the room a warm and cozy feel; however, you may not find these rugs suitable for the summer when it is much hotter.

If you want a printed rug, then Dalyn's Studio collection offers many of these rugs to choose from. There are zebra striped rugs, abstract rock rugs, ginkgo print rugs, leaves print rugs, foliage color rugs and many more. Most of these rugs cost between $200 - $400, although larger Studio area rugs can cost as much as $600. These particular rugs are hand tufted and are made from polyester and acrylic yarn.

Rugs from Dalyn's Imperial collection are a good option if you want a more ornate and elegant area rug. These rugs come in sage, ivory, red, black, chocolate, burgundy and other colors and are made using polypropylene fibers. They have a high density weave which helps them to last a long time. These rugs are also quite affordable; most styles cost just a bit over $200.

Another good option to consider are Dalyn's Avalon rugs; these rugs are made from either wool or polypropylene and while some are made in a country style, a number are quite elegant and stylish and would look good in an upscale living room or bedroom. Smaller Avalon area rugs can be purchased for less than $100 online; larger rugs of this nature cost about the same as Imperial area rugs.

Choosing the right rugs for your home that fit your own personal needs will largely be a personal process, but one that will ultimately be fulfilling and rewarding as well. For Dalyn rugs casual elegance comes very naturally...

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