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A solid oak sideboard for your home

Updated on February 5, 2015
Solid oak sideboard
Solid oak sideboard

A solid oak sideboard is not only a beautiful piece of furniture to accent your home décor, but it is also a clever way to find a durable space for your additional storage needs.

It also provides a great display case for your living area, accenting your decorations, photos, books or other worthwhile pieces of furniture such as lamps. You may find a solid oak sideboard from many designers that is right for your needs and personal style.

Solid oak sideboard

For instance, a Cairo solid oak five-foot sideboard combines classic and contemporary elements with cupboard backs, dovetailed joints and drawer-backs.

This durable design can also be easily cared for by applying Danish oil three to four times a year. It also goes nicely with other Cairo furniture pieces from the hall table and bedside cabinet to the bookcase and coffee table.

The durability and functionality of the sideboard makes it an integral part of any home décor, yet many remain unfamiliar with sideboards, or at least with the name that they go by. There are many different designs and materials utilized in sideboard designs.

The Tokyo solid oak large sideboard has four large drawers for storage and two large cupboards with movable shelves allowing you to adjust your storage space. Its natural finish shows off its grain structure while its grooved details and bowed tops displays its Oriental inspiration. Like the Cairo, the Tokyo sideboard fits easily with other Tokyo solid oak furniture and benefits from Danish oil in its care.

The Rivermead solid oak large sideboard is very ideal for storage and organization with its two large cupboards, two small drawers, one large drawer and two small cupboards. The hand-applied finish gives it a unique decorative touch along with its elegant chrome handles. The sideboard itself is also handcrafted with sturdy dovetail joints to help ensure not only lasting beauty but also durability.

If you are a bit strapped for space, you may want to consider the Pablo solid oak two-door, two-drawer cabinet. You get all the benefits of a larger sideboard in a more compact design for those wrestling with smaller spaces. You may also go for a different look with the Rustic solid oak large sideboard, which has various sized cabinet and drawer spaces for you to organize your stored goods. Unlike many oak sideboards, the Rustic is joined with sturdy dowel joints also guaranteeing a durable piece of furniture. It also has beautiful Gothic handles and antique distressing for those who prefer simple but elegant looks.

Of course there are many other choices when it comes to solid oak sideboards. However, many offer the same benefits of an elegant storage space for anything from valuables to important documents along with a beautiful surface area on which to show off your family pictures or other displayable such as diplomas or certificates. Many of these sideboards are reasonably priced, especially considering they are meant to last for years. Furthermore, they are usually already assembled, saving you the trouble of fixing it yourself.

With so much from which to choose, you are bound to find the right solid oak sideboard to accent your home and provide you with much needed storage space. All you have to do is determine your personal style and find something that rightly fits your budget.

Sideboards would make a fine addition to any home, and can be purchased online for very reasonable prices. Or, you can simply visit your local home furnishing retail outlet and see what they have to offer.

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