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A Dressing table stool for added convenience

Updated on February 5, 2015
Dressing table and dressing table stool
Dressing table and dressing table stool

A dressing table certainly forms an essential part of a bedroom’s furniture. Not only does it provide women a space of their own, where they can adorn themselves to their fancy, but it also adds to the charm and overall ambiance of the bedroom.

Choosing just the right dressing fixtures for your bedroom or walk-in closet space is largely a personal journey, but one that can be made much simpler and efficient with a little research and personal investment.

Dressing tables come in all shapes and sizes, colors and designs, so it stands to reason that the stools that accompany the tables would also follow suit.

Dressing table stool

A dressing table stool is a generally a medium sized stool or chair (with or without any arm rests) that is placed against the dressing table so that a women can apply makeup while sitting on it.

This makes the entire process extremely comfortable for women and reduces effort. The size of such a stool can vary depending on the size of your dressing table. You can choose from a small stool to a lavishly expanded design that exudes opulence.

The concept of dressing tables and the accompanying stools can be traced back to the Victorian era where the ladies used to deck themselves in private chambers, laden with well crafted and antique looking tables with vast mirrors. These were considered a rare luxury that was enjoyed by the privileged, however the contemporary women if today swear by this necessary furniture item.

Dressing table furnishings at

There is an array of designs and styles available with the furniture stores when it comes to dressing table stools. Since most modern day women prefer an exquisite piece of furniture to adorn their bedrooms, there is constant innovation in terms of styles and varieties.

From rich oak and mahogany wood stools to smart aluminum versions and even the detailed brass stools, you can choose anything that appeals to the eye.

The price range for these stools can vary depending on the quality of materials used, the detailing, the craft and also the size of the stool. A regular stool can cost you somewhere around $ 50 and the antique ones can leave you poor by as high as $ 450.

Buying a dressing table stool can be easy when you are the only user for it, however if it is meant to be placed outside the bedroom and has several people using it, you must keep in minds the common tastes and preferences in terms of finish and size of the stool.

It is ideal to pick a matching stool when purchasing a dressing table. For those who buy a random piece, ensure that the design complements the other furniture in the bedroom, especially the dressing table.

With so many stores and manufacturers dealing with everyday furniture accessories, you can shop for these online or can even visit the local stores to check them out. A simple search engine query will yield more results in this home furnishing genre than you could possibly accommodate in a normal afternoon.

Choosing your perfect dressing table and the stool to match, which can be purchased as a dressing table set, can be a fulfilling journey, just as any home furnishing project can be. Happy hunting!

Other dressing table accessories

Dressing table accessories can also enhance the living space. white dressing table stools go well with many different dressing table designs, while a dressing table mirror is almost vital to the whole experience. Dressing tables without dressing table mirrors would be an unthinkable combination.

A mirrored dressing table makes the process of beautification much more sensible and a lot easier to accomplish, so don't even consider purchasing one of these table sets unless it comes with the mirror setup that you are looking for.

The materials that makeup the dressing table sets are as varied as the uses for the tables themselves. A pine dressing table, white dressing table or even an oak dressing table would go well in almost any living space, and they all bring their very own sense of style and grace to the overall ambiance.

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