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Brazilan teak flooring adds elegance and style

Updated on February 5, 2015
Brazilian teak flooring
Brazilian teak flooring

The right flooring greatly influences the look and feel of your home. It dictates whether you can go around the house just on barefoot or if you should wear something on your little tootsies. There are some flooring options that are so intimidating that your guests will immediately take off their shoes upon setting foot in your home.

Brazilian Teak flooring is a type of flooring that is also known for its Botanical name Dipteryx, odorata or perhaps one is more familiar with its trade name Cumaru, Almendrillo. It is quite popular because of its color changing characteristics which makes it impossible to have two wooden pieces having the exact same shade and color.

The colors of this type of flooring typically range from tan to brown shades, and make it ideal to be laid out side by side as it has a nice combination of dark and light shades of brown.

Brazilian teak flooring

Aside from their beauty they last longer than other wood and resist decay. This type of wood is quite hard and durable it also makes an ideal source of raw material for furniture. Brazilian Teak is one of the hardest wood available having a grade of 3540. It is also resistant from insects and weather influence.

The costs of Brazilian Teak depends on how wide it is and whether it is was finished or not. Under the "prefinished" category sizes vary from 2.5" to 4.75" wide. Ranging from $4 to $5 per square feet.

The unfinished flooring of 2.25" wide costs $2.79 per square feet while the 5" wide is around $3.5. The prefinishing consists of seven coats of Aluminum Oxide enhanced with Polyurethane. It keeps the floor shiny and scratch free.

As if the cost per square feet of the flooring is not enough, one also has to consider that there is also an installation cost depending on the amount of flooring space required. It is almost impossible to install the flooring by yourselves as you need the aid of a professional.

However, there is a cheaper alternative that comes in the form of laminated Brazilian flooring that one can install by themselves. They cost a few dollars cheaper too because they are simply thin layers of wood glued together.

People often confuse these with the Brazilian Cherry flooring which is a bit more reddish in color. This type of flooring comes from the plant Surinam Cherry, which is a kind of shrub that can grow up to eight meters. Other species include the Brazilian Koa which is popularly known as Tigerwood.

This type of wood matches well with different types of look. For a natural and beach resort look, you may match it with wooden furniture and woven materials to finish the look. If you want a more posh and contemporary decoration you can match modern furniture as well.

It goes well with any kind of material which makes it an ideal flooring. You can renovate as often as you want without having to spend on maintenance costs. You do not even have to worry about reapplying the finishing on the floor because it lasts for years. Definitely a good investment for anybody's home.

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