Do you think homes are built with better quality now?

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    Efficient Adminposted 4 years ago

    During the real estate Boom a few years back, builders were complaining they couldn't find workers and they would hire just anybody who could hold a hammer, and they were also throwing up housing as fast as they could.  In the process it appears now in hindsight quality of workmanship suffered greatly and materials used were not the highest quality.

    Since the Boom went bust and there is an abundance of high quality workers available now, do you think, or have you witnessed, that new housing being constructed is better quality now than what is was during the Boom? For example, Builders now have higher quality workers to choose from, and since there are less buyers maybe they are building houses slower, paying more attention, using better quality materials to keep buyers happy in this bust market?  Any thoughts or comments from Realtors or anyone else?