How to survive the heat!?

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  1. EatLovePray profile image59
    EatLovePrayposted 8 years ago

    How to survive the heat!?

    It's really hot right now....ahhh!!

  2. DStettler profile image61
    DStettlerposted 8 years ago

    suck it up princess.
    I'd suggest dressing light, open west windows in morning east windows afternoon. avoid the sun or if you have to be in the sun, go swimming

  3. sachx profile image56
    sachxposted 8 years ago

    on serious note, drink hell lot of water. at least 4-5 litre a day.

  4. EatLovePray profile image59
    EatLovePrayposted 8 years ago

    LOL..thank you guys.. for all the answers!

  5. Lgali profile image57
    Lgaliposted 8 years ago

    Stay indoors as much as possible and limit exposure to the sun.
    Stay on the lowest floor out of the sunshine if air conditioning is not available.
    Consider spending the warmest part of the day in public buildings such as libraries, schools, movie theaters, shopping malls, and other community facilities. Circulating air can cool the body by increasing the perspiration rate of evaporation.
    Eat well-balanced, light, and regular meals. Avoid using salt tablets unless directed to do so by a physician.
    Drink plenty of water. Persons who have epilepsy or heart, kidney, or liver disease; are on fluid-restricted diets; or have a problem with fluid retention should consult a doctor before increasing liquid intake.
    Limit intake of alcoholic beverages.
    Dress in loose-fitting, lightweight, and light-colored clothes that cover as much skin as possible.
    Protect face and head by wearing a wide-brimmed hat.

  6. maheshpatwal profile image66
    maheshpatwalposted 8 years ago

    Few tips to beat the heat........

    Drink lots of water as your body will need it
    Use good suncream to protect your skin
    Eat cucumber and watermelon a lot......
    Add light colors in your wardrobe........

  7. sir_tallest profile image60
    sir_tallestposted 8 years ago

    try getting an air-conditioning system, it should help to a great extent with this heat

  8. Benjimester profile image92
    Benjimesterposted 8 years ago

    Go to the beach for sure.  If there isn't a beach nearby, rethink your existence and the life choices you've made smile

  9. puebloman profile image61
    pueblomanposted 8 years ago

    Working indoors, wear a pair of light soft slippers and nothing else. Make sure you have a walk in shower and walk in every so often.
    We have wooden shutters on the windows. Shut them and the doors against the heat of the day.
    Its 45c here. We swear we'll get A/C, but a lot of our friends who have it hate it.


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