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HELP - What can I use to clean my garbage disposal so that it doesn't smell?

  1. Julie2 profile image59
    Julie2posted 7 years ago

    HELP - What can I use to clean my garbage disposal so that it doesn't smell?

    I clean the sink every night after washing the dishes religiously. It doesn't matter how clean I keep the dish sink and the disposal sink clean, a smell always seeps up from the disposal. I have even used clorox products to clean the disposal side but nothing, eghhhh. Any suggestions?

  2. Dave Ward profile image73
    Dave Wardposted 7 years ago

    Send ice cubes down to help grind it out. Then mix a gallon of water with bleach. Let it sit in the disposal for a bit. Then after you run it, rinse it, and send orange (or lemon) peels through to make it smell good, not just clean.

  3. profile image0
    Errol Kaneposted 7 years ago

    This is a very easy problem to solve. Keep lemons in your refrigerator. Place a slice of lemon in your garbage disposal every now and then and then rinse in cold water. Place a couple of slices in there if you need to. Whenever you have refreshments that contain lemon, always save the lemons for the GD. You will notice quick results.

  4. hubba-hubba profile image60
    hubba-hubbaposted 7 years ago

    Peel an orange, push the peel down the drain, and let the disposal run!  A good size orange will have your kitchen smelling great!

  5. Aficionada profile image87
    Aficionadaposted 7 years ago

    In addition to these other ideas (I didn't know about the bleach - I'll have to remember that!), I often use baking soda.  When the GD smells bad, I first make sure it is empty, then pour about 1/2 cup or more of baking soda in and let it sit for a while (15 minutes or more) without allowing any liquid into the drain.  The worse the smell, the more baking soda should be used.  After it stands for a while, it is okay to run water through the pipe.

    I have also learned something else recently about smelly pipes.  In one bathroom there was an awful smell that actually got worse when we flushed the toilet.  It turned out that we needed to run some water through the tub's drainpipe!  I only mention this because you might want to check and see if any other pipes in the system could have dried out, causing the smell.

  6. PJ Jones profile image59
    PJ Jonesposted 7 years ago

    Sorry, I know this question is 2 mo old, hopefully your OK, if not....I have an answer. I too would have this problem, even after I ran the disposal.  I don't know the size or condition of your disposal, but if it's an apt. size, run the disposal everytime you are in the kitchen for t lest 3 to 5 min.  With the apt size, food particles are still in te disposal, even if you can't feel anything...it collects and starts to smell.  Never put raw chicken in disposal, the smell will stay forever.

    Run your disposal, even if you think the food is gone.  I have been doing this...and behold, the rotten smell went away.

    This will work  OH you can every now and then use baking soda..but I perfer just to run it...good luck!