Flowering Plum tree dead after 20 years

  1. jmelees profile image55
    jmeleesposted 6 years ago

    Flowering Plum tree dead after 20 years

    My Flowering Plum tree is dead after 20 years. It was fine last fall, not sure what happened. What causes this? is it because we had such a harsh winter?

  2. jetta17 profile image59
    jetta17posted 6 years ago

    Hello there. First off, sorry about your loss. From my research from around the internet, plum trees seem to be easily plagued by borers. Seems as if these can girdle the tree and cause it to die. I don't have fruit trees myself, but its something to look into. Here's a good forum to read: http://forums2.gardenweb.com/forums/loa … 31285.html