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    Finally! The Perfect Pizza Oven for your Deck or Patio...Introducing the Blackstone 1575 Outdoor Oven!

    10 years ago

    How to finally have the perfect brick oven style pizza without leaving home. Perfect for your deck or patio this Blackstone 1575 Outdoor Oven is a must have for pizza lovers everywhere!!

  • Ambiance With Lights

    Ambiance With Lights

    10 years ago

    Twilight is a magical time of day when light fades to dark. Lighting should add ambiance to your home and reveal a little of your personality. It's important to choose lights that reflect who you are!

  • Off to College he goes!

    Off to College he goes!

    10 years ago

    A humorous perspective of "move-in" day.

  • Warriors and Wildflowers-The definition of Moms

    Warriors and Wildflowers-The definition of Moms

    10 years ago


  • Light up your night with solar light

    Light up your night with solar light

    10 years ago

    solar lighting can bring your patio, deck walkway and garden to life after dark

  • My Night in the Haunted House

    My Night in the Haunted House

    11 years ago

    Some people swore that the house was haunted. My wife was one of them, I was not and I was determined to prove them all wrong. My brilliant idea was to somewhat re-enact the old movie "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken", by spending the night in the...

  • It's still him...

    It's still him...

    10 years ago

    Entering the apartment I notice that he's in his usual place...his faithful recliner. His head is tilted back a bit and his eyes are closed. Gnarled fingers grasp a wooden cane, worn smooth from years of use. It's propped between his legs. He's...

  • Please Don't Judge Him

    Please Don't Judge Him

    10 years ago

    He sat in the coffee shop, relieved to be out of the cold, if even for a few minutes. He sipped slowly, not really to savor the flavor but to savor the warmth. The window was steamy and he rubbed a circle in the middle of it with his gnarled hand....

  • Twas two weeks before Christmas

    Twas two weeks before Christmas

    11 years ago

    google images Twas two weeks before Christmas and oh, woe is me night has again fallen I unplug the tree My soft bed does beckon but as usual-Alas- my husband's sleep antics are a pain in the ass. He tosses and turns and hogs...

  • Lies my parents told me!

    Lies my parents told me!

    10 years ago

    Little white lies are almost a tradition.....parents use them to get their kids to behave and to add magic to their world. I call them harmless tools....

  • silent night...ghostly night

    silent night...ghostly night

    11 years ago

    And the wind whispered in the hollows as twilight descended over the land. Gray, cold fog swirled around gnarled tree roots, slithering then up the trunks and winding through branches that seemed to stretch like a hand reaching from the grave. ...

  • Where you hang your hat

    Where you hang your hat

    11 years ago

    google images I was on my deck lazing in the warm, summer sun when the thud of a car door drew me out of my near catatonic state. My eyes wandered to the source of the sound. It was my next door neighbor and he was just coming home from work. I...

  • Orgreenic or not?

    Orgreenic or not?

    11 years ago

    Okay, call me weak. All the "as seen on tv" ads about the Orgreenic cookware finally sucked me in. But I wasn't alone. My husband got sucked in right along with me. "We should try those," he announced one day after we'd watched what seemed like the...

  • Till we meet again

    Till we meet again

    11 years ago

    google images Her vision is blurred by tears. Standing perfectly still, she stares straight ahead. Knowing she must look down, she sighs deep and heavy. The tears spill down her cheeks and onto her silk blouse. Slowly, she lowers her head, afraid...

  • Lottery magic

    Lottery magic

    11 years ago

    The Megamillions lottery grew to a monstrous amount; the hype was growing as well. I watched each day as the numbers leapt higher and higher and knew that I too, would purchase a chance at being richer than rich. There were so many butterflies in my...

  • sidetracking regrets

    sidetracking regrets

    11 years ago

    My thoughts are haunted by what could have been...or should have been. I have regrets. If I could go back in time to when she still lived, I would, in a heartbeat. I would travel back in time...a time so long ago when I was young and ignorant. A...

  • 14

    How to Create a Moonlight Garden

    10 years ago

    How to create a beautiful garden with flowers that reflect the light of the moon....

  • Thanksgiving Day.....The New Black Friday

    Thanksgiving Day.....The New Black Friday

    9 years ago

    It seems that the traditional Thanksgiving day has turned into the new black Friday....who's at fault?

  • 165

    Crisco...the hidden beauty product

    10 years ago

    There are so many different moisturizers on the market but this one is cheap and surprisingly effective!

  • golden person

    golden person

    13 years ago

    golden person...made of love you gave so much to me when my life was empty and cold. I scanned the skies... the mountains... the seemingly endless crowds of people intent on their own searches, mindless of mine. every where and every...

  • summer night

    summer night

    11 years ago

     I step out my door into the embrace of the warm summer night. The chirp of crickets and tree frogs fill the air; the sound soothes me. The sky is sprinkled with star light and the solstice moon beckons me further into the night. I follow the...

  • Amazingly Crisp Bean Salad

    Amazingly Crisp Bean Salad

    10 years ago

    This marinated bean salad is cold, crisp, refreshing and delicious! Great as a side dish but hearty enough for a main dish meal. It's simple to make, colorful and oh-so-good!

  • Animals with Heart...

    Animals with Heart...

    10 years ago

    How animals constantly display "random acts of kindness"!!

  • How to Stage Your Home

    How to Stage Your Home

    10 years ago

    Tips and advice on how to stage your home so that it stands out from all the other homes for sale in your area.

  • Ahh, Spring...

    Ahh, Spring...

    11 years ago

     Ahhh, Spring! A time when dirty snowbanks recede and mud begins to enter the house on the paws of our golden retriever. "Honey, wipe his feet and his belly!" I cry out as our dog Zack comes charging in from the yard. Often times I'm too late...

  • my dog is nutz

    my dog is nutz

    12 years ago

    We have a seven year old golden child. Zack is his name and he's a retriever. Either the aliens have invaded his body or he's gone completely mad...or maybe it's the new dog food. In the last 2 months he's ended up in emergency at our local vets...

  • fairy of the forest

    fairy of the forest

    11 years ago

    It happened many summers ago but it's a story I will not ever forget. My family and I had just moved into our new home in the mountains. It was a quaint little house nestled among the trees with a thickening forest at the edges of our yard. It was a...


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