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What's your favorite thing to do in the winter time?

  1. KStro18 profile image81
    KStro18posted 6 years ago

    What's your favorite thing to do in the winter time?

  2. pstraubie48 profile image85
    pstraubie48posted 6 years ago

    My favorite thing to do in the winter time depends on where I am. In Florida, my favorite thing to do is to go to places like State Parks or towns with many outside sights to see that are too hot to go to in the summer.
    If I am in South Dakota where I lived for four years I will be outside playing in the snow for a part of the day, come in, warm up, and make a luscious pot of our favorite soup.

  3. Made profile image60
    Madeposted 6 years ago

    Play in the snow with my kids or just sit inside and enjoy good food and good company in candle light.

  4. profile image0
    MP50posted 6 years ago

    I like to Ski.....Then go back to the log cabin, light the open fire and make some hot chocolate. Snuggle up with my Girlfriend and my Daughter on the Couch.

  5. lmarsh1203 profile image61
    lmarsh1203posted 6 years ago

    Drink lots of hot chocolate and snuggle by a fire.

  6. smzclark profile image60
    smzclarkposted 6 years ago

    I can't decide between building snowmen and sledging. But the warm up after the play can also be a real treat :-)

  7. Wayne K. WIlkins profile image68
    Wayne K. WIlkinsposted 6 years ago

    Snow and cuddles, and cuddles in the snow. Sad tiems that we never get snow here sad

  8. algarveview profile image90
    algarveviewposted 6 years ago

    Read a good book by the fireplace and enjoy a warm cup of tea. It may sound dull but having no time or silence (kids always running around), some peace and quiet is all I crave, specially in the winter time.

  9. littlebitsoflife profile image61
    littlebitsoflifeposted 6 years ago

    Winter time is a great opportunity to do all things indoors! Living in Maryland, our weather is very unpredictable, but usually cold. I take this time to get caught up on my indoor projects - such as updating photo albums, finishing scrapbooking projects, cleaning out closets, going through clothes that are no longer worn or don't fit. Baking and more cooking are fun too, but getting a chance for a dinner out or an afternoon shopping always is a good thing to do too! For someone who doesn't like cold, these are some great things to do!