Is this the age of, un-friendly to customers, supermarkets/shops?

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  1. Seeker7 profile image95
    Seeker7posted 6 years ago

    Is this the age of, un-friendly to customers, supermarkets/shops?

    Maybe it's just me, but over the past few months I don't know how many supermarkets/shops I've went into where access to many of the shelves, goods and aisles have been blocked by large goods cages, staff unloading items, stacking up items, moving items and so on. I actually left one establishment because it was impossible to get to anything I was interested in - this wasn't a one off it's happened a few times now! Shouldn't all this be done outwith regular shopping times?

  2. Sparklea profile image71
    Sparkleaposted 6 years ago

    This happens to me alot.  It's almost funny, I can be the only customer in a store and the one item I want in the whole blocked by either an employee stocking the shelf, or a customer standing there in front of what I want, often with a shopping cart!  OR, two people who have run into each other and are chatting.

    The two grocery stores I frequent are 24 hour stores, so I do believe you have a point.  I could probably write a small book on the incredible scenarios I have encountered at stores. 

    To avoid aggravation, I make it a point to NEVER stop at a store or shop on the way to someplace else...especially an appointment, movie, friend to meet for lunch.  Why?  Because it never fails, someone will hold me up.  If I am in no hurry and have nothing pressing, I can deal with whatever is literally in the way. 

    The good news is that, when this happens, I usually forget about it. 

    Thank you for an interesting question.  Quite often at family gatherings we talk about things like this.  Everyone has a story, and we often laugh about it.

    Blessings, Sparklea  smile

  3. Greenhousewife profile image84
    Greenhousewifeposted 6 years ago

    I recently quit my retail job and I can tell you that it isn't an easy job by any means. Those poor people put up with a lot while trying to simply do their job and keep the shelves well-stocked for their customers.

    I remember one customer getting mad at me and yelling, "I bet you wish you got a better education so you didn't get stuck working here!"

    News flash- the economy crashed right when I graduated with a degree in Animal Biotechnology and Conservation, with a fun minor in Psych.... I'm not a brainiac but I'm not the simpleton people always took me for simply because I was trying to earn enough money to pay for that degree.

    Take a breath, say excuse me, and let them do their job so you can find the items you are looking for on a well stocked shelf.

  4. teaches12345 profile image93
    teaches12345posted 6 years ago

    I think most stores have set days and times when they do stocking. The grocery stores here do it on Tuesday mornings. Bigger stores, such as Walmart, have the manpower to do it during late hours when shoppers are few.  It is somewhat frustrating though when you want something that is hidden behind boxes.  I try to shop around those days and hours to avoid this chaos.


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