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  • The Australian Elections Can Be Positive

    The Australian Elections Can Be Positive

    4 months ago

    In this article, we are talking about the federal election, it is hard to predict who is going to win, we hope that the party that can run better the economy wins the election. So that life can be less stressful.

  • The Australian Social Security Must Be Equal

    The Australian Social Security Must Be Equal

    10 months ago

    We are writing about a social security system that is fair for everybody, at least this is our aim, we hope that we will be able to say something useful enough to make important political people to fix the system

  • The Assets Test Dilemma

    The Assets Test Dilemma

    11 months ago

    We are writing about how the assets test discriminates against the small property owners, the most at risk are the people that are on a government pension, because their pension will be cut off.

  • The Australian Political Parties

    The Australian Political Parties

    8 months ago

    Talking about the Australian government in Canberra, the Australian political parties and how they connect to the people. The failure of looking after some people, and the many changes of PM and other leaders.

  • Australian Social Security

    Australian Social Security

    8 months ago

    Looking at the government failure to help the farmers during this drought, because the social security system is not geared to help them, or other people that have assets, so, we want to ask the question, is this right?

  • Farming Today Is Still a Risky Business

    Farming Today Is Still a Risky Business

    8 months ago

    We are writing this article how the farmers are effected from the drought, hoping that this article, will make the politicians think about how they can help them, and other people in the same position.

  • The Italian Elections 2018

    The Italian Elections 2018

    6 months ago

    This year the Italian elections are very important, because there are many political issues that need to be solved, one of the main issues are the refugees, since they are creating a problem in Europe

  • Rats Are Destructive Creatures

    Rats Are Destructive Creatures

    6 days ago

    Talking about rats and their destructive behaviour, when they are allowed to come in our house. I believe that we should be on guard all the time and try to find ways how to stop them, if we can.

  • World News, and My Views, Chapter 3

    World News, and My Views, Chapter 3

    6 months ago

    Here we are looking at what is happening in the world, and try to understand what is happening, then if we can, we will say something constructive.

  • World News and My Views, Chapter 2

    World News and My Views, Chapter 2

    6 months ago

    In this article, we are going to talk about what we have noted is happening in the world today, then we can add a few things to state our own views about what is happening.

  • World News, and My Views

    World News, and My Views

    7 months ago

    These are my views of what I see is happening in the world, most of which are worrying news, which the entire world should try to solve, before they cause more harm that good.

  • Refugees Problems and the Reasons

    Refugees Problems and the Reasons

    7 months ago

    Today there is this refugees' problem in the world, which needs to be solved soon, since it brings many problems to the entire world. So, here we would like to say something about it.

  • Exploring the Refugees Reasons

    Exploring the Refugees Reasons

    7 months ago

    We are going to talk about the refugees, some of the problems why they become refugees, some of the problems they could cause, to the countries that are moving to, they are causing a world problem.

  • Refugees and Their Problems

    Refugees and Their Problems

    7 months ago

    We will talk about the ferugees problems that we are facing today, which they seem to be a worldwide problem, we know that they are not easy to solve, but if we talk about it, we may find a way.

  • Homeless and Refugees

    Homeless and Refugees

    7 months ago

    Here we are talking about the problems the world is facing today, some of which are the refugees, which is a world problem that humanity needs to solve wherever possible.

  • President Donald Trump: My Views

    President Donald Trump: My Views

    7 months ago

    We want to follow President Donald Trump, since he is a very colourful character, we believe that trump is going to change many things, while he is in office, so, let us follow him.

  • Let Us Follow President Trump

    Let Us Follow President Trump

    7 months ago

    In this article, we would like to follow President Trump and what is happening in America now, because there are a lot of changes that this new president wants to implement.

  • The Italian homeless

    The Italian homeless

    7 months ago

    expectedexpectedThe Italian homeless problem is going longer than aspected to solve, here we are talking about some of our views about it.

  • Australian Assets and Pension Cuts

    Australian Assets and Pension Cuts

    8 months ago

    Here we are talking about the affect of the assets test on Australian pensioners, we try to compare what they are losing and see if they can do something to help themselves.

  • Australian Pensioners Alarmed

    Australian Pensioners Alarmed

    8 months ago

    The Australian pensions have been cut, so, the Australian pensioners are very upset about that. Here we are discussing about that and anything that could be done.

  • What Is Happening in Italy Now

    What Is Happening in Italy Now

    8 months ago

    Here we are still talking about the Italian problems and the political problems that they are having over there, all at the same time. We wish that the new prime minister succeeds in fixing them.

  • Other Italian concerns

    Other Italian concerns

    8 months ago

    Some more Italian concerns, owing to the fact that the Italian political scene is very unstable, because of the failed referendum and the prime minister Renzi resigning

  • Concerns about the mafia

    Concerns about the mafia

    8 months ago

    We have written this article to show that in our view, there are several problems to be solved in Italy, because of the earthquake refugees and the overseas refugees, and the mafia.

  • To be or not to be concerned

    To be or not to be concerned

    8 months ago

    We should be concerned about what is happening in the world today. You see, after Britain has voted to exit the European Union, we should believe that anything is possible.

  • The Health Safety Net May Fail

    The Health Safety Net May Fail

    9 months ago

    During our lives we may become sick, if we are aware of our sickness, we go to see a doctor, but those people that are mentally sick, they don't know they are sick, and they may refuse to see doctor.

  • Concerned About Us All

    Concerned About Us All

    9 months ago

    The world should be concerned about what is happening these days, we should be also concerned about refugees , as their movement in mass can bring other problems to the countries they go to.

  • Dreams of our life

    Dreams of our life

    9 months ago

    During our life there are times when we are dreaming away, the dreams of our life are those things that we wish we had or we would be able to achieve, so that we would be able to have a better life.

  • Fixing the Landing

    Fixing the Landing

    11 days ago

    We are going to describe here how we are going to fix this timber landing that is rotting away and needs urgent repairs.

  • House Renovating

    House Renovating

    12 days ago

    The old timber houses are a lot easier to renovate or to carry out some very big alterations, as they can be moved and raised, so they have this advantage that could not be available with masonry.

  • Building a Veneer House

    Building a Veneer House

    5 weeks ago

    Constructing a brick veneer house, cavity brick house and other building things, we are describing how the brickwork is done and the problems that the bricklayer will have to solve to do his job.

  • The Norman Castle of Monteserico

    The Norman Castle of Monteserico

    3 months ago

    The castle of Monteserico in Genzano the Lucania has a history of its own, even though there isn't a real history written, today we are trying to put together known events and show you some photos.

  • Friends Could Help

    Friends Could Help

    10 days ago

    There are times in our lives that we need help, because we don't feel sure about what we are going to do, if that is the case, ask a friend that knows for help, as friends are there to help.

  • Mix Your Own Cement

    Mix Your Own Cement

    2 weeks ago

    This is a D I Y article describing in details how to recognize and use cement building materials, how to mix them the old ways and also the new ways.

  • DIY Retaining Walls

    DIY Retaining Walls

    4 weeks ago

    We are going to show you several types of retaining walls and how to build them, some of them briefly and other step by step, so that you could be able to do it yourself, if you like.

  • Australian Housing Industry

    Australian Housing Industry

    2 months ago

    We build houses in any part of the world, it would be helpful to know how they are built, because if we know how they are built, then it becomes easier for us to maintain and fix them when necessary.

  • Floods, who is to blame

    Floods, who is to blame

    3 days ago

    In this new Era of climatic change, we need all the best mind that are able to do the job the best way possible. We definitely don't need the politicians to interferer in a negative way, because this is a very serious matter that we are going to deal with.

  • Goodbye to My Country

    Goodbye to My Country

    3 months ago

    Migrating to another country sometimes becomes necessary; in my lifetime I migrated to Australia; today I am still happy I did, because to earn a living seems to be a bit easier in Australia.

  • Farming Today Compared to the Old Way

    Farming Today Compared to the Old Way

    4 months ago

    We have achieved a lot in agriculture in the last hundred years; so, let us compare how hard it was to harvest wheat or any other cereals the old ways to today ways by using these wonderful machines.

  • Springtime in the Farms

    Springtime in the Farms

    4 months ago

    Spring brings new hope to the farmers' world, because it starts a new cycle of life that last the entire year; in the farms in spring we could look and learn form Mother Nature when it is at best.

  • My Farm Life Continues

    My Farm Life Continues

    4 months ago

    Let me tell you more about my first job in the farm with the intention of telling you the entire story of my life; so that a simple record of my life is kept and it could be compared to today life.

  • Turn Negative Into Positive

    Turn Negative Into Positive

    5 months ago

    Let us turn negative happenings into positive thinking if we can; in my case I am going to try to turn those negative happenings of my early life into positive thinking, in this hub.

  • My Farm Life Chapter

    My Farm Life Chapter

    5 months ago

    When I was young in the farms there was no much money to be made, with the exception of every now and then when we had a good harvest, otherwise we had to wait for next year.

  • My Farm Life Views

    My Farm Life Views

    5 months ago

    I want to tell the story of my life just the way it was, and if it resembles somebody else story it is just a coincidence, because I want to be true to myself and the rest of the world with my story.

  • The town I came from

    The town I came from

    3 months ago

    Wherever we are born and grow up it is going to be our native town for the rest of your life. Every one of us should be proud of its native town or country, if we were not something is wrong with us

  • Personal Twilight Stories

    Personal Twilight Stories

    3 months ago

    This is another story of my life, but is is a twilight ghostly story that has happened to me, and there was also this dream with an old lady about this fountain called Cavallina in Genzano town.

  • An old man story

    An old man story

    5 months ago

    My life story written as an old man life story, I would like to tell you my life story, where I am going to tell you who I am, where have I been where I am now and how I got here writing this story.

  • My life my struggles

    My life my struggles

    5 months ago

    These are my life struggles, as we all know there are a lot of times when during our lives we have to struggle, so this hub is telling you about my life struggles, it is all part of my life story.

  • An Old Man Life Story

    An Old Man Life Story

    5 months ago

    Let any old man do his life duty by Writing An Autobiography about his own life and what he has learned from it, so that humanity may learn from what he has learned during his life.

  • Welcome To My Hubs

    Welcome To My Hubs

    5 months ago

    Welcome to my readers; I hereby would like to invite you to read my hubs, since I am going to write e few general hubs for our readers to enjoy and learn something from them.


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