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How To Make A Princess Room - Princess Room Decor To Create A Magical Space

Updated on August 31, 2011

Princess Room

If you want to create a magically themed princess room, here's lots of things to get you started. The princess theme is a gorgeous way to decorate a room, it's whimsical, enchanting and romantic.

There's lots of princess decor to choose from below, from princess wall stickers to furniture. You can really have fun with this theme, it's a lovely way to decorate, a bit of escapism.

No matter what your budget, you can find items below to fill your princess room with. It's a totally feminine look that works for all ages, depending on how you choose to use it. Every girl wants to feel like a princess, scroll down to see how to make dreams come true!

Princess Room Decor Sets

If you want a simple solution for creating a princess room, these decor sets are ideal. As you can see, you get a selection of Disney princess decor all in one set.

In the first set listed you get a coat rack, 4 plastic hangers, a set of bookends, 2 fabric bins for storing toys or laundry, a fabric height chart and a picture frame.

In the second set listed you get a table and chair, a muti purpose bin organizer with 6 compartments and a toy box.

In the third set you get a toddler bed, a muti purpose bin organizer with 6 compartments (same as in the second listing), a padded storage bench and 7 small wall stickers.

If you want to get the perfect overall look without having to buy things seperately, these sets are great to mix and match.

Princess Wall Stickers

If you want a real easy way to decorate any room, wall stickers are the things to go for. Simply paint the room (if needed) and use wall stickers to create the decor.

These things are so easy to use, you literally just peel them from their backing and stick them where you want them. They're easily removable too.

These princess wall stickers are adorable. They would add the finishing touches to the walls of a princess room in an affordable, easy to use way. There's lots of different designs to choose from as you can see, any little princess would love to have these on her walls.

Wall stickers aren't limited to walls either, so long as you have a clean, smooth surface, you can stick them anywhere, so they're great for customizing furniture such as wardrobes.

If you haven't decorated with wall stickers before you really should try them. Gone are the days when you needed murals painted in order to have a show stopping princess room, all you need to do now is peel and stick!

There's no comparison in how much a hand painted mural would cost compared to these gorgeous princess stickers that you simply apply yourself.

Creating a princess room is really easy and you don't have to be remotely creative to do so. With these princess wall stickers you can have the decor as simple or elaborate as you choose.

You can create a totally unique princess room from scratch.

Princess Beds

A princess room would look amazing if the main focus of the room was on a princess bed. As you can see, there are different styles at various price points to choose from.

These beds are so whimsical and very fairytale like, it's hard to imagine an ordinary bed fitting in with this decor. If you have enough in your decorating budget, get a princess bed to finish off the theme, it's a beautiful piece to complete the look of a princess room.

Princess Switchplates

Switchplates are a great finishing touch that are affordable and easy to install. These princess switchplates are perfect for covering light switches that are plain, boring and that don't fit into the decor.


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