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Updated on November 7, 2008

Belief And Law Of Attraction

Belief is the most important aspect in attracting wealth. And it is the most difficult part of law of attraction. My belief in law of attraction was strengthened by small incidents in my life where I could attract anything I desired for within days. Almost always, these are small desires. You may think that small desires can be fulfilled even without any law of attraction. Yes you are right, though some kind of attraction is working in every aspect of lives small or big. Though these are small desires, the results strengthened my belief in law of attraction because most of the times the paths were completely unexpected by me and you can say I was a bit "lucky.

Our weakness as human beings is we like to have a path to our goals. Without the paths, we seldom believe that our goals can be fulfilled. If we don't have answer to "how" we drop the goal. When we don't find a path, either we don't form the goal or we forget our goals and search for newer goals with good written down paths. The computer (a Compaq Presario) I am using now to post this article came to me without any down payment. Now, this is something I would never believed can happen. But it happened because, I wanted a computer badly and asked for it. I asked for it because I knew that I can afford a computer and there was belief in the first place, but I never thought I could get one without paying anything immediately (the thought was not there, so there was no disbelief either). This is just one example and there are many like this.

There are a very few successful people who started at the bottom with a big dream and actually realized their dreams. Many of the successful people climbed one step at a time, and most of them look back and wonder how far up they have climbed. It is very difficult to have a great dreams with little resource or skill or belief in us but we can reach great heights climbing one step at a time. Law of attraction worked well for me whenever I desired for doubling my income, but I failed when I desired for very big amount beyond my present controlling capabilities. If you are not comfortable with million dollars in your thoughts, you cannot focus on it and attract it. But if you already have five hundred thousand, then it is a cakewalk.

Stuart Goldsmith says one cent on doubling becomes one million dollars in twenty eight steps. When you are a owner of one cent, million dollars will be very hard an idea to grasp, but two cents or even hundred dollars would a comfortable goal. Always have a goal which you are comfortable with. Law of attraction works when you are comfortable. Wait till you have five hundred thousand when I bet you will be very comfortable with million dollars and attract it easily. Think double and grow rich. Remember to think fast, if you are making $ 500 a month think of making $ 1000 next month not after an year


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