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Top 10 Green Stocks to invest in India

Updated on March 26, 2013

Investing in Green Stocks

The market for green stocks is steadily gaining in popularity and the investors in solar and wind stocks have started making handsome profits over the past few years in India. This shift to green stocks may principally be due to the fact that people are convinced with the need for alternate sources of energy due to the ever escalating oil prices and the perils of climate change.

More and more consumers are expressing concern for protecting the environment and many business houses have made it their mission to contribute to development of alternative energy. Here is a list of a few Indian companies, which have successfully developed or are in the process of developing Green/Clean technologies and performing well in the market. These companies offer good investment opportunities for those interested in Green technologies.

Suzlon Energy Ltd

Suzlon Energy Ltd is India’s largest and the world’s third largest wind power equipment manufacturer and has more than 12% of global wind turbine market share. Thus, exploiting the first mover advantage in the field of wind energy technology, Suzlon has registered a phenomenal growth from a single product, single market company to a giant corporation with presence in all the five continents.

With a strong brand image, well-developed infrastructure and tremendous geographical reach, Suzlon Energy is well poised to leap forward in the coming years.

Praj Industries Ltd

Praj Industries Ltd has been offering innovative and well-researched solutions in the field of bio-fuels (bio-ethanol, bio-diesel) as also process equipments for customers located the world over. During the last 25 years, Praj’s R&D centre, Matrix, has an enviable record of developing several patented technologies.

The future of bio fuel is highly promising because of favorable government policies and good demand from Europe and South-East Asian countries. It is estimated that bio-fuel consumption will increase by almost five times in the coming decade. Rising fuels costs and changing environment norms together offer immense scope for future growth opportunities for Praj Industries.

Moser Baer

Moser Baer is the indeed the world’s second largest manufacturer of optical storage media and they have also embarked on manufacturing of Photo-voltaic cells, with the intent of providing reliable solar power as a competitive non-subsidized source of energy. In the light of continually rising demand for solar energy, the company is planning to expand its current capacity from 125 MW to 315 MW during 2010.

It is planning to capture overseas solar market like USA and expanding its European business to countries like France, Italy, Bulgaria and Czech Republic and Greece. Being pioneer in this segment, Moser Baer is well positioned to seize these opportunities and the company is expected to emerge as a giant enterprise in the foreseeable future.

NEPC India Limited

NEPC India Limited is a Chennai-based multi-crore Khemka Group company that has diversified activities in the field of power generation from wind energy and manufactures and markets wind turbine generator (a renewable energy device). The company is also into manufacturing Solar Technology compatible power systems and UPS of various capacities with or without solar panels. The company foresees that grid connected solar farms are going to be its major business in the coming years.

NEPC's core product is the 225 kW Wind Turbine Generator specially made for the small and medium category consumers as also for the utility sector. More than 2500, 225 kW WEG have been installed in the country and the model is one of the largest sold WEG in India.

Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd

Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd headquartered in Jalgaon, Maharashtra manufactures drip and sprinkler irrigation systems and related components. The company also makes PVC, polyethelene, piping systems, processed fruits, dehydrated onions and vegetables, greenhouses, bio-fertilizers; solar water heating systems and solar photovoltaic appliances (Solar lighting systems) etc. All the products are made bearing in mind the need to conserve nature's precious resources through substitution or value addition.

Jain Irrigation Systems is the largest irrigation company in India and also the world’s second largest. The company has the largest pool of agricultural scientists, engineers and technicians in the private sector.

Epic Energy Ltd

Epic Energy Ltd is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company engaged in the manufacture of energy conservation and renewable energy devices like wind-solar hybrids, solar water heaters, solar lanterns, solar street lights, integrated back-up power systems etc. located in Mumbai.

EPIC has manufacturing facilities at Vadodara and Navi Mumbai. The company is completely committed to the cause of energy conservation and making and marketing renewable energy devices all over India. EPIC Energy Limited has been assigned a "CRISIL-BUREAU OF ENERGY EFFICIENCY Grade 3" by CRISIL.

IKF Technologies Ltd

IKF Technologies Ltd is engaged in the field of Bio Diesel, Telecom and IT software development amongst others. Bio-fuel is used as replacement for diesel. Biodiesel offers safety benefits over petroleum diesel because it is much less combustible, with a flash point greater than 150*C, compared to 77*C for petroleum diesel. The company’s Bio-fuel plantation is located at Shillong in Meghalaya with branch office at Udaipur and regional office at Sikar in Rajasthan. The company has entered into Technological Transfer Agreement with Indian Oil Corporation (R&D) for offering technology transfer for production of bio-diesel from Jatropha. The company provides its services to clients in USA, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Synergy Renewable Energy

Synergy Renewable Energy, based in Kolkata, relentlessly pursues its mission of promoting renewable energy for domestic and commercial purposes – contributing to a cleaner, greener and safer environment for posterity. Synergy Solar Water Heating Systems manufactured by Synergy Renewable Energy Pvt. Ltd, is a world class product and conforms to BIS standards and approved by MNES (Ministry of Non Conventional Energy Sources). Synergy group works towards producing renewable energy that would restrict the usage of conventional sources of energy that tend to pollute the atmosphere. The Company operates predominantly in the areas of Solar Photovoltaic Module (SPV), Solar Water Heating Systems and Bio Mass Plants.

Maharashtra Seamless Limited (MSL)

Maharashtra Seamless Limited (MSL), based in Delhi, manufactures seamless steel pipes and tubes and ERW pipes and it is the flagship company of the Rs 3000 crore D.P. Jindal Group. Apart from products like hot finished pipes and tubes, cold drawn tubes, line pipes etc, the company getting into wind power generation in a big way. The 7 MW wind power project at Satara Maharashtra is a deep commitment by the company to generating environment friendly green power.

Tata BP Solar India Ltd

Tata BP Solar India Ltd, based in Bangalore, designs, manufactures and installs solar power systems. The company is a joint venture between Tata Power, a pioneer in the power sector in India and BP Power, one of the largest Solar Companies in the world. The company’s products include photovoltaic cells, home lighting kits, street lights, water heating systems, road studs, pumping systems etc. The largest Solar Company in India, Tata BP Solar is continually into research to enhance the high quality of its energy efficient products. It is its stated mission to reach the benefits of Solar Power to the remotest regions of India and the world.


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      Rudra 7 years ago

      Nice, at the moment there are the places to invest.

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      theindiaphile 7 years ago from London

      Good tips!

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      loka93210 7 years ago

      very useful information, I am a bit interested in the stock market. Thanks