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Best Job Opportunities in India

Updated on March 12, 2013

Job opportunities in India

With a rapidly growing economy that has successfully withstood the global recession coupled with a bull run of the Indian stock markets, there are so many job opportunities in India. The steady growth in Indian economy has fueled demand for qualified professionals practically in all industrial sectors of the country.

Accountancy Jobs

With increased industrialization and large scale expansion of trade and commerce, accounting jobs in India have assumed great importance. If you have the required qualifications accounting jobs are there for the asking. Aspirants wishing to enter the accounting profession must obtain a bachelors or masters degree in commerce. People seeking senior positions in accounts must qualify as cost accountant, chartered accountant and preferably obtain MBA in finance management.

India - A land of opportunities
India - A land of opportunities

Engineering and Manufacturing Sector jobs

The demand for Engineers in India is growing and some of the areas of specialization in the field of engineering are automotive, aviation, civil, railway, electrical, mettalurgical, mechanical, design, maintenance, structural, chemical, software, quality control, aviation etc. Civil engineers are required all over India because construction activity is going on in full swing in whole of India. Aspirants for engineering jobs must possess a bachelor’s degree in engineering and those seeking junior positions can obtain diploma in engineering from approved polytechnics.

The demand in manufacturing sector is predominantly for mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, electronic engineers, chemical engineers, metallurgical engineers etc. The manufacturing industries also offer thousands of jobs for skilled workmen like turners, millers, welders, drillers etc and for these positions employers would wish to recruit 18-month certificate holders from Industrial Training Institutes (ITI).

India glorious and rising

Computer and IT Jobs

We are living in an age of computers and tremendous job openings are there for the asking in the IT industry. With an exponential growth in the population of computers, there is a great demand for hardware engineers as well as software engineers. Candidates aspiring to become Hardware Networking Engineers must have a degree or diploma in computer science or electronics or electrical or telecommunication.

To succeed in software profession, aspirants should be a qualified engineering graduate. Numerous colleges offer a B.E. / B.Tech in IT/Electronics/Computer engineering although the most coveted ones are the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) at Kanpur, Delhi, Chennai, Kharagpur, Mumbai and the Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), Hyderabad.

To be an IT Professional and to aspire for senior positions, an individual should at least hold a Bachelor of Engineers Degree in IT/Computer/Electronics/Communication. The other computer-oriented jobs are web designing/ graphic designing, and a person should hold a diploma in computer applications to pursue these types of IT careers. Computer courses offered by universities include: B.Sc. (Computer) known as B.C.S (Bachelor of Computer Science) M.C.A. (Master of Computer Applications) M.C.M. (Master of Computer Management) D.C.A. (Diploma in Computer Applications) D.C.E. (Diploma in Computer Engineering) D.C.S. (Diploma in Computer Science).

Human Resources and Legal jobs

Today the entire commercial world has begun to realize that human resources are an invaluable asset. The frontline Indian Institutes of Management, six in number, offer full time post-graduate courses on human resources management. Reputed Institutions and top ranked universities are also offering graduate and post graduate programs on human resources. A degree in law or 2-year postgraduate diploma in labor studies or personnel management will be highly helpful for career progression in HR.

There are number of institutions and universities conducting courses in law in India. The most premier among law universities in India is National Law School of India University (NLSIU), Bangalore. Most of the universities in India have affiliated law colleges offering graduation courses in law. One can either pursue a three-year law course after graduation in any discipline (preferably humanities) or a five-year course after twelfth standard examinations.

Insurance jobs

With India’s population crossing one billion, jobs in insurance sector in India are continually on the rise as more and more people are becoming aware of the critical need to insure their life and properties. The insurance sector covers a wide spectrum and includes life insurance, health insurance, travel insurance, fire and theft insurance, marine insurance, transit insurance, motor vehicle insurance etc. People aspiring for pursuing a career in the insurance industry can undergo a course in insurance management that will give him / her an edge in the job market.

Sales and Marketing Jobs

Marketing jobs are principally meant for dynamic and agile go-getters who are fond of traveling and meeting people. The basic educational qualification needed for marketing jobs is a graduation degree from a recognized university. A post-graduate diploma in marketing will further enhance your career prospects. But to really attain senior positions, one should acquire a MBA (Master in Business Administration) in marketing.


Medical, Paramedical and Pharmaceutical jobs

Medical field has enormous employment potential in India and there are opportunities galore for Specialist Doctors, Surgeons, General Physicians, Dentists, Nurses, Pharmacy Jobs, Physical Therapy Jobs, Dental Jobs, Para-medical Staff, Medical workers etc. Apart from qualified doctors, hospitals employ anesthesiologists, a host of nurses and paramedical staff like operating room technicians, house-keepers, pharmacists, clinical laboratory technicians, Xray technicians, qualified ultrasound/ MRI /CT scans operators, dieticians, psychiatrists and physical therapists. Appropriately qualified persons can aspire for promising careers in paramedical field.

Medical Transcription is to transcribe a doctor’s dictation (from audio to text format) and creating medical records. India is one of the most preferred destinations for outsourcing of Medical Transcription by USA, Britain and even Australia amongst others. Medical transcription jobs are available aplenty in almost all major cities in India. There are Medical Transcription Companies galore and it is easy to obtain a Medical Transcription Job. The pharmaceutical industry in India is reckoned as the third largest in the world and the obvious result is a proliferation of pharmeceutical jobs. Jobs in the pharmaceutical industry range from those in sales and marketing to high-end specialist R&D jobs. But for building a meaningful career in the pharmeceutical industry, a B.Pharm degree is crucial.

Shipping jobs ( Merchant Navy, Marine and Cruise Ships)

The shipping jobs include Merchant Navy Jobs, Cruise ship Jobs, Marine jobs etc. The Merchant Navy employs in a big way - Engineers, Radio Officers and Navigators with specialized Marine Engineering Training. The more prestigeous shipping jobs are reserved for the marine engineers, ocean engineers and experts in naval architecture. One has to be a qualified marine engineer for attaing these positions. The most glamorous of all ship jobs are the Cruise Ship Jobs. The cruise ship work certainly provides young graduates with the right frame of mind a good income and the chance to visit exotic places.

Telecom jobs

It is common knowledge that the telecom sector in India has shown phenomenal growth during the last decade . With so many new companies emerging and the existent companies expanding their operations, there is a huge spurt in telecom jobs – at all levels and in all functional areas - in India. The telecom jobs are up for grabs in the Indian market, provided a person is appropriately qualified (Graduates or diploma holders in telecom / electronic engineering) and has the requisite skills.

Work in India

India is today witnessing a very healthy phenomenon where employment in all sectors is growing and pushing opportunities and also resulting in higher pay and better working conditions. It is for the job aspirants in India to seize the opportunities and build a promising career in their chosen field.


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    parasnth jaiswal 6 years ago

    he is the best university


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    msms 7 years ago

    Oh Sunseven my favorite writer is writing from Singapore about jobs in India... what a commitment my dear son left me for a job in Singapore. I think sunseven that Indians should be told about jobs in countries other than India Singapore :-) :) You gave a too detailed information for everyone ... Very deeply researched Hub Thanks Sunseven my favorite writer

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    Thakur Vilash singh 7 years ago

    Hello Sir,

    Iam T.vilash Singh and i completed my B-tech and now persuing MBA(Marketing) final semister,So iam looking for Marketing job which is suitable for my Education,please can you help me out for this,If there are any oppturnaties means please inform me to this mailid and you can call me at 9700084195.



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    Benji 7 years ago

    Offcourse your is a great help for the needy . You done a great endeavour. Thanks a lot

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    Portugal mortgage finder 7 years ago

    Love this hub :)

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    Manoj from Coimbatore 7 years ago

    Dear Team, i had completed my Diploma in computer engineering on 2007, & i have 2.5years experince in the field of Hardware & Networking. I just want to know that is any possibility to join Merchant Navy, Marine and Cruise Ships. If u know about it then plz mail me.

    My id is

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    pravin from nepal 7 years ago

    i had completed my BE Computer from Nepal recently. seeking for the job

  • cupid51 profile image

    cupid51 7 years ago from INDIA

    It is a good news for the Indians to know that job opportunities are opening up after the global recession! Thanks for the great hub!

  • profile image

    Chirag 7 years ago

    Good One! Social Media has a lot of scope and one can see a good number of job openings in this sector soon!