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Engineering Jobs in India

Updated on April 5, 2013

Jobs in Engineering

It is a fact that India is technologically advancing at a rapid pace and well poised to become a superpower in 2020. As such, the demand for Engineers from all streams is growing and with thousands of engineering graduates coming out of universities with ever passing year, the engineering industries are waiting to employ them.

Many brilliant freshers are selected regularly through campus interviews and the less brilliant ones are left to find suitable jobs otherwise. Even candidates who do not succeed in campus interviews need not feel disappointed as engineering jobs in India are available aplenty. Most companies advertise in the Print media to recruit suitable engineering graduates. Companies also advertise vacancies in their websites and with online job agencies.

You are Wanted
You are Wanted

Some of the areas of specialization in the field of engineering are automotive, aviation, civil, railway, electrical, metallurgical, mechanical, design, maintenance, structural, chemical, software, quality control, aviation etc.

Real estate is a booming industry in India and civil and construction engineers are continually in demand particularly during the last decade. Civil engineers are required all over India because construction activity is going on in full swing in whole of India and in almost all major cities.

Engineering a High Paying Career

Many manufacturing companies are in regular need of mechanical engineers, production engineers and electrical engineers to take care of the various departments. Government of India as well as State Governments are the biggest employers of Engineers. State Electricity boards are a gold mine for electrical engineering graduates to find suitable jobs.

IT Companies target computer engineers and electronic engineers for their hardware and software businesses. However, as there is a mushrooming of computer companies in India, candidates should be guarded and opt for reputed companies with the right antecedents.

Several international automobile giants have set up manufacturing units in India and automobile engineers are today having a field day. Engineers are paid handsomely by both domestic and international companies and the career growth opportunities are tremendous. An engineering graduate who may start off as an apprentice or trainee can aspire to attain very senior positions in the industry.

There are several hundred engineering and technology colleges spread across the country and gaining admission to an engineering course of one’s choice may not be difficult.. Students from prestigious colleges like IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) are the most privileged lot as they can aspire to straightaway obtain management positions and their career growth will also be rapid. Graduates fro NIT (National Institute of Technology), BITS Pilani, and Regional Engineering colleges are the next privileged lot and can manage to get fairly decent salaries upon passing the course.

India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and is witnessing speedy growth across all service and industrial sectors. The demand for engineers in India has been growing at an enormous pace in various sectors. Right from mechanical engineers to chemical engineers to computer engineers to civil engineers to electrical engineers to the upcoming engineering specialization areas, all kinds of engineers are in high demand.

Engineering jobs are available at all levels and candidates from polytechnics can aspire to get into junior positions after completing their 3-year diploma in mechanical/electrical/civil engineering streams.

Economic recession has also become a thing of the past in India and all types of industries are now in a serious recovery mode and engineers can look forward to promising job opportunities in times ahead.


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    • profile image

      swetha 6 years ago

      we want freshers traning

    • profile image

      krishnaji 7 years ago

      hey guys i want all the government jobs details after our bathelour degree

    • suny51 profile image

      suny51 7 years ago

      SunSeven-this is a fact,India is having the biggest number of engineers and engineering colleges in the world today,even the town I come from has more than 50 engineering colleges,out of that more than20 are world class,three universities for engineering, and the engineers are getting selected in various top companies the world over.good information to share,helps a lot. useful