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Travel Insurance For Backpackers

Updated on July 10, 2010

If you are considering going on a backpackers holiday to see the world for a few days, a few weeks or even a few months then you must make sure that you apply for travel insurance to cover you while you are away.

No one wants to think about all the bad things that could happen while you are off to experience different countries, different languages and different cultures. However it is good to have peace of mind that should anything go wrong, then you will have some financial aid to help you out of any sticky and unfortunate situation.

It is now very quick and easy to get adequate travel insurance. You can simply do a search online and find a few companies that will give you competitive quotes for different insurance companies.

You can even complete the whole transaction online by filling in the questionnaire and making a payment by using your credit card or debit card.

Things you should consider when choosing the right travel insurance for your situation include the following things.

Travel insurance means you are covered wherever you go
Travel insurance means you are covered wherever you go

Take a look at the list of things that you will be covered for. There are certain activities that mean that you will have to pay a little bit extra if you decide to be really adventurous during your time away on your backpacking tour.

Examples include bungee jumping, taking parachute jumps and going skiing. All these activities will incur a further cost so make sure you tick the appropriate boxes if you know you will do one of these activities while you are away.

Check and double check the dates that you are going away and returning. You want to make sure that your insurance covers every single day that you are travelling. For a backpacker it could be a good idea to add a couple of days onto the end of your policy just in case you are delayed somewhere along your journey.

This certainly does make sense as you are sure to be covered completely. You can never know if your flight will be delayed for one reason or another. If it doesn’t cost too much extra to add these few days you might as well do it.

Get travel insurance specifically for backpackers
Get travel insurance specifically for backpackers

Once you have chosen the right travel insurance for your needs, keep a copy of your policy documents with you while you are travelling and give a copy to someone at home so that if there are any problems you will be safe in the knowledge that someone else has all your policy details if the worse comes to the worse and you need to make contact with your insurers.

Travel insurance for backpackers is an absolute necessity and if all goes well, once you have purchased it, you can forget all about it and get on and enjoy your trip. Happy travels.


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