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How much Money per day?

Guide from anyone who has experience in this. I am new at this so I don't know much. I have a website and have a traffic of 10,000 daily. So how much can I earn daily? Should I go for ads or something else? I planned to have traffic of 10,000 first, then will go and think about earning money. So it's time. =)


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Ashok Goyal (wqaindia) says

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3 years ago
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    Mohammed Abdullah Sherwani (sherwani) 3 years ago

    thank u for answering. do you have any knowledge about earning from impressions only (because I know that in Clikcikng, out of 10,000 only a few will click and there won't be much for me to earn). How can I earn from just showing an ad from my site?

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