is it possible to file my 2010 taxreturn today?

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    layah111posted 7 years ago

    is it possible to file my 2010 taxreturn today?

    what can i do to file my taxes now?

  2. Powerful Pierre profile image79
    Powerful Pierreposted 7 years ago

    Well that all depends what country your in. Here in Hubpages we have authors from many countries so the question is kind of strange when we don't know what country your even filing in, but I can speak for Canada where I live. When your late with your taxes right off the bat you pay a 5% penalty of your total return, but for each late month following April 30th they take another 1% for the next months until 2010 ends. After that I was told (I filed Late 2003 in November, because I moved provinces that year and paid 5% and was officially told on being a year late with your taxes, it  INCREASES the penalty. Hope this helps you. I wish you good luck  PP